Experience: The Most Important Aspect for the Ecuadorian Sailing Team

first_imgBy Dialogo July 22, 2011 Many athletes participate in the 5th Military World Games in order to win a medal. That hasn’t been the case with Ecuador. At least not for the sailing team at the Games. Following the tradition of the motto created by the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, to the Ecuadorians, the important thing is not to win but to compete. “Just to be here (Rio de Janeiro), competing against athletes from different countries and military, in a competition at this highest level, it’s very important for us,” said Amilcar Villavicencio Palacios, Commander of the Naval training ship Guayas and head of the sailing delegation from Ecuador. It is the first time they participate in a regatta style race. According to Commander Villavicencio, his team is more accustomed to racing in fleets. “We’re getting a big lesson here. We’ve learned a lot and we will try to apply this new knowledge and experience back in our country.” The Ecuadorian team members were selected among the best in a military tournament held in the country a few months ago. According to Commander Villavicencio, the team was supplemented by one cadet who was chosen to gain experience and learn from other team members and other countries. For Lt. Carol Medina, meeting athletes from around the world, the experiences, and the quality of the races she’s seen was worth coming to Rio de Janeiro. “Well, not to mention this wonderful landscape, the food is delicious and the people are really friendly. We did our best so we don’t feel bad for not advancing because the lessons learned will last forever and we’ll be able to share them so that, yes, in the future, Ecuador will participate in competitions to compete for medals as well.”last_img read more

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