Note the webmaster website was hacked cause analysis

7, security authentication and session management

3 malicious files, execute


the reason is nothing more than the following:

XSS vulnerability is the most common and most deadly network application software security vulnerabilities, easy to occur when an application will be sent to the user data without authentication or wrong encoding content for web browser. Hackers can use browser malicious script to obtain the user’s data, damage to the site, insert harmful content and phishing attacks and malicious attacks. read more

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Shanghai dragon life cycle don’t be dead do not know

overall we see a Shanghai Longfeng project cycle is mainly to see the relationship between performance and time. The project is usually B company 2 key points: one is the limited time, two is to achieve the promised performance. So the possibility of accomplishing the two index directly affects the next renewal of the B company. Of course, in the process, we will be divided into a few nodes. The first node is our run in period, a start (especially in the previous month) is a whole website optimization technology and change the customer site end of the work, including front-end architecture, host, jump, new column template of the aspects of things, these are all belong to the first stage of comprehensive optimization the. Therefore, the beginning of the technical scheme need to run and collision between the two sides, because of the need to modify what is two-way, Party A is sometimes not everything can be changed, Party B’s proposal is not necessarily suitable for the customer to perform. So this time running in the Shanghai dragon outsourcing is very important, because this is the ability of party a customer first experience of Party B’s services and solutions and flexible, the running is more tired and difficult. Especially the B team is not strong communicator or good project manager, by technology department to communicate very stiff, rely on sales to communicate is not around the floor. So all kinds of nails oncoming. The running in period is a piece of sandpaper polished everyone behind will be more smooth, with rough grinding behind will be hard and very inefficient. read more

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