What kind of friend chain will put your site into the downhill

snapshot is not normalOf course, now

the frame structure of the search engine.


is not to say that can’t do the inside pages link, if the other pages within the website weight is very high, it can be considered. If the website of the other side + the weight of the inside pages included is not too good, even better than you, and he must not change each other, promptly said as if it were raining flowers.

2 cross link

industry Links belongs to high quality links. Of course, some industry relatively unpopular, looking for appropriate links to related industries is relatively trouble, only in exchange for some good links. Because now the search engine more and more intelligent, so this Links will be greatly reduced. read more

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n the construction of the chain of six common bad habits

as a qualified builders of the chain, we must know what we need to do, but a lot of the time, the site administrator than we know better. They understand their readers, and he.

, the construction of the chain mail to you request a site administrator to send, and soon received a reply, in preparation for the customer to link hang, the second time you review this website, the people are shocked. The data of the website are good, but the content structure on the difference was hard to imagine that many web pages are not open, that is to say, this site is no longer included noble baby. read more

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On the cash flow into Shanghai dragon skills

here to share a specific operation case. At present, Mr. Jimmy Lin’s skin care products is absolutely Internet popular at present, celebrity effect is very prominent, it is this celebrity micro-blog let me understand the specific operation method in this case. When I came to the Taobao store, the store’s customer service staff let me join their group, this group is very active, many women friends where to discuss how to skin care, after a study found that this group has as many as 50 groups, and each group has more than 800 people, these people will continue to participate in the discussion of the results to attract more people to buy, but also to him by discussing these personnel to quickly cut into the search keywords. read more

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The real time recruitment of grass roots sharing gives me some development thinkingFree entrepreneur

The development of

as a network recruitment of this industry, in general, its job peak is relatively fixed, and is now in a relatively warm state. From the current state of cooperation with other manufacturers, we are now more inclined to start directly from the source, that is, from the school recruitment of more outstanding graduates, in order to advance staff training. As the middle recruitment agencies several major partners, I several times in the recent recruitment now obviously feel the development of the network employment industry as a whole has a great change, the previous graduates looking for job opportunities on net investment practice, students now prefer to use the network to realize the deep processing of resources, learn more enterprise information. There are three main features of the new model at present. read more

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The software market turned into industrial chain expo plast hidden opportunitiesApple creates the mo

clearly, Apple, as the world’s most valuable company, is worthy of the name of the real money machine and the business empire. Apple’s marketing does not seem to have a conservative secret zone, especially after Tim took Apple from Jobs, and if so, they should also be in Apple CEO brain cells. Still, both sales representatives, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, product managers, and Internet entrepreneurs want to study marketing for Apple. As the first Chinese sales letter writer and founder of the Win operating system network marketing marketing general, 5 Marketing Secrets of Pujiang wrote and share Apple, is my personal long-term study of Apple marketing channel essence version. read more

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Love Shanghai and Chinese search search the students of science and arts students

search users search behavior more clearly. When searching, is embedded in the portal site, which indicates that the user is the main information search. But since the love of Shanghai independent, complex search requests. Including product, service life, business and so on, that love of Shanghai has become a comprehensive search engine. But in the past ten years, there electricity providers, portal website, video website platform, love Shanghai search the user has split. For example, if we want to go shopping, no longer love Shanghai but directly into the Taobao search. We see the video, go directly to PPS or Iqiyi. Stay in Shanghai love search, once again returned to the information, in other words, the user search search search behavior more clearly, but not without purpose. read more

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The local wedding photography industry website how to do optimization

with electronic commerce, information explosion era, some local industries have begun their faces in view of the present situation, network marketing, want to quickly occupy a space for one person in the era of electricity providers. But often these industries come in, will face many problems, perhaps accustomed to traditional business, not very good at network game, so the author today is around the local wedding industry website how to do optimization, wedding photography industry recommended reading, he also hope that the industry readers involved, you can extrapolate. read more

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Keywords blood lesson changes must be careful

just a week later, acne products list 10 strong back home, but the acne products have fell by one page, want to love Shanghai really hard ah, so treat an old station, a long time to modify a keyword, but the magnitude is very small, just changed a word. But more important is I have a lot of long tail keywords, it makes me sad, needless to say there is no new keywords to do a ranking.

on the second day, I get up early in the morning to see the snapshot, happy no surprise to me (I have updated snapshot before is always the snapshot), but when I was glad, I checked the keywords, yes, I secretly glad keywords ranking didn’t decline. However, snapshot keywords! I think this is a sign of love Shanghai right down. read more

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mprove the site included and ranking method which

clients often ask Lang Shanghai Longfeng optimization, which can quickly improve website rankings, originally did not want to answer these questions, but ask one giant, just to share some of my personal in website optimization method to improve the site collected and ranking, hoping to answer about the website included and ranking method to improve certain customers.


1, the appropriate proportion of the original and reproduced in Shanghai Longfeng optimization or >

improve the site included and ranking method of read more

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How to deal with traffic suddenly abnormal decline

So ?

flow down we can see it from where? Some of the webmaster tools to see, some are derived from site statistics, some from Webmaster Platform in learned. Here no matter where found, we need to first determine the normal fluctuation or really abnormal flow down.


check whether IP or UA Ban Ban, of course this is the site do not want Baiduspider to visit, only need to shield (forbidden from all love Shanghai: User-agent: Baiduspider Disallow: / grab), if you want Baiduspider to access your site, if there is a Baiduspider UA useragent related settings, and modify them. read more

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