Scholar how long can you persist in doing the website

here want to discuss with you, do the website, dear webmaster, can you hold out until when?.

from the beginning of unsuspectingly what all don’t understand, what try holding the attitude of learning to do, now almost crazy every day to update the site every day, pay attention to the website of the data, I know, I have fallen in love with this role.

, a website that sticks to it, now feels all right and looks beautiful. In fact, the bitterness along the way, and who knows?. Let’s analyze the hard work of doing web site. read more

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You need originality to do your website

many people don’t know what websites they should build, and here are a few small ideas for

one, make a "one day a bubble" site

you know, one day a bubble, that is, share the method of flying girls, every day to teach a trick trick. Insist on updating the article every day, the woman should compare the fire bar, success or not, there are two key points: 1., your trick is not useful?. 2. do you teach

every day?

two, mention

one dayWhat does

mention, make suggestions, give advice, give advice to the webmaster; the trick is mainly for skilled people, and SEO, art, and other web designers.. read more

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Some insights about personal webmaster


;       want to succeed personal webmaster, to oneself "ruthless" a little

day will fall so big people, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos, so the spirit, had it not beneficial. I want to make friends is a good point to let themselves and their families, even more is to through the network business, as the opening words with Mencius words here, not to say that all the webmaster first cantilever cone, hungry to do, but individual stationmaster wants to succeed must be on their own "ruthless" point. read more

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On the localization operation trend of tourism websites we should do a good job of UGC product plan

domestic tourism website after several years of development, in different areas has formed a few big tourism website giant, however with users accurate service promotion, has become a pressing matter of the moment segmentation of users and provide better service, local operation already mentioned some of the big net station development agenda.

this paper refers to the tourism website localization is operating as a unit in the city, the site will be specified in part or all of the contents of adapted to target users demand content, including information, community, DMS, tourism products, can be simply understood as a service in which users "of city channel group". read more

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Personal views on travel SNS websites

is a senior tourism entertainment instead of dating game, tourism has its particularity, with tourism as a hobby together is a real demand for tourism, when travelers get useful information from a friend, they become friends after Walker pace after the friends of the city who are mostly will take the opportunity to visit the.

network is a reflection of real life. The Internet is not virtual, it is an extension of reality. As a result, the SNS community should build a social network for its users in the light of sharing and communicating with friends. Social rules in real society apply equally to the internet. The real self introduction, photos, blogs, show sincerity, trust can be established based on the network, and on this basis with the interactive behavior. read more

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The acquisition of PHPWind may become the biggest flaw of Ma occupation career

looks like mom’s buying PW is a bit of a mystery, and DoNews has a comment to TW, let’s see,

,, tid=166794&, extra=page%3D1,

recently, Ali mother announced that the official forum will be converted to PHPWind. Informed sources said that although both sides did not publicly announced, but Ali’s acquisition of PHPWind has been secretly completed behind. May 30th, Sina media is exposed, Ali Group paid the price of about 50000000 yuan. The author as Ali mother’s users and a webmaster, hear this news is very surprised. read more

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nterpretation flash purchase website Fab inspiration social electricity supplier content is the key

Fab CEO Jason Goldberg said, "when people want to buy some design products, we want people to think of us, not buy them. That’s not important."."

Fab is a flash shopping Flash Sales for business model of electronic shopping website, its main products for design is strong, usually in the store rarely seen products mainly. It is not the general electronic shopping site navigation, to provide high-quality goods to limit the special offer waterfall flow and real-time information of Feed, the audience first for some designers, customers generally to now for many love fashion goods also to browse it in Fab. In early February, Fab also launched a new 7 day stores selling food, children and pet supplies etc.. read more

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2009 the nternet industry nine conjecture

‘s hot spot news and hot spots have always been a benchmark for China’s internet. It is no exaggeration to say that Tianya influences an era. In the world’s largest Chinese community, every day there will be hot words born, every day there will be grassroots popular, every day there will be rumors of much sought after. High popularity, so that peer stunning.

earlier, Tianya was planning to go public. If it hadn’t been the financial crisis, I’m afraid the skyline would have been successfully listed. From the attention of the end of the world to prepare for listing, I have been wondering whether the end of the world will be transformed? In the Internet industry, the United States and China turned around everywhere. Tencent of the year, from an IM provider to today’s Internet empire. NetEase from a portal perfect turn for game predators. The giant from a health care products company transformed into a online game company, that is, in the first three places. Now we are exposed to Internet Co, many have been completed again after another transformation. read more

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Like love do user experience

many Internet products are not successful, not because of the functional problems of the product itself, but because of the user experience and peer products opened the gap. But the user experience does not have a fixed standard to follow. There are no ready-made models to follow. The reason that the user experience is the experience, there should be a more humane thing inside, in fact, our daily interpersonal communication, the product itself is also a role as to how users and contacts, to see whether properly, we might as well put products and users as a couple, this interaction between the two is a love, so between the product and the user how to go about this love read more

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How to make good use of micro blog’s extended viscosity

twenty-first Century is an age of greater emphasis on interactive communication, perhaps the feature that has made the internet grow rapidly. The network itself has the dissemination, timeliness, interaction, so that people’s way of communication has become more convenient. As a result, the network e-commerce has become a hot trend of development. Many businesses and enterprises set up e-commerce platform is to better interaction, so as to achieve the success of marketing, which must be supported by network promotion. read more

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