Where to open an ice cream shop

ice cream is a lot of friends prefer cold drinks, this project market is also increasingly unpopular! And entrepreneurs in the open when the ice cream shop, in order to seek development, then in the shop before, the key to choose an appropriate business address is entrepreneurs cannot careless!

ice cream shop near the school or school. Students have been the biggest consumers of ice cream, which is now the students have pocket money, but they do not control the money, so can not resist the temptation of ice cream ice, especially in summer. Therefore, the ice cream shop opened in the vicinity of the school or school is the most profitable. Of course, an ice cream store before the main competitors to study well, if there are too many words, this site or choose not to be good. read more

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Weihai to achieve first class business platform construction

many Chinese entrepreneurs, most of them have a good level of technical business, but mention the level of entrepreneurial management there are many people short board. In order to train professional entrepreneurial talent, Weihai founded in last year, the entrepreneurial university, has provided more than 5000 entrepreneurs to provide relevant training to promote employment.

10 28, 2009, the province’s entrepreneurial university and entrepreneurial incubator base construction site will be held in Weihai to promote the construction site in the 29. From the province’s Department of human resources and social organizations visited the Weihai University of entrepreneurship and the campus, Weihai university business incubator base and other places, the exchange of entrepreneurial incubation experience. The meeting also deployed the next entrepreneurial university and entrepreneurship demonstration base (Park) construction work, and to the provincial incubation demonstration base (Park) has been awarding. read more

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Sichuan is kissing contest ring argument ten entries

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

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The name of brand extension is limited

a brand has a name, it is not only a series of products developed, because of this, we give the brand when it is natural to consider its extension. In short, the name of the brand extension has been limited, and this restriction is also very strong.

due to excessive corporate identity, ignoring the growth time in the market. Why do you say that? First, your name is not like your product? For example, I produced food, the results of the name of how to listen to the drug is like, this is the name of the error. The relationship between the name of the food and the product is higher. read more

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How Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet

barbecue only a roadside snack in the impression of people, or is a necessary special snack in the street snacks, there are very few who are able to "barbecue" and tall three sub hang up. But Xiao Bian want to tell you is that there is such a barbecue shop

continues to develop a variety of barbecue delicious, is committed to creating a taste of the restaurant. Great strides into the high grade dining, to attract those who are innovative, the pursuit of success, leading the trend of people to experience the real classic barbecue delicious. At present, the country has opened many stores, it is Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet. Langfang Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet what read more

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How to invest in environmental protection bonsai shop prospects

whether in the office or at home, green bonsai is very common, when you often see this product, whether you want to hide behind the business opportunities. Today, the market is a popular environmental protection projects. Talking about their future career, want to run a promising project, in the face of environmental protection to join the market, you can miss it?

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Taining Fujian 5 8 debris flow disaster scene found that the victims of the 34

in the face of natural disasters, we look helpless and helpless! In the face of his compatriots on the left quietly, can not bear to believe, but had to face! Fujian Taining "5· 8" debris flow disaster let us hang on to the unfortunate!

according to the latest news of Fujian Taining debris flow disaster relief headquarters, as of 9 evening, when the 5·, 8 debris flow disaster scene has found the remains of the victims of the 34, there are still lost contact with the staff of 4 people in the world. read more

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How to develop modern animal husbandry in Zigong

with the continuous progress of society, science and technology have been greatly developed, the use of scientific management methods to develop modern animal husbandry is undoubtedly a wise move. Cooperate with other livestock Science Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity, Sichuan Province Institute of scientific research in implementing this project 20, the introduction, demonstration and promotion of Tibet pig, Shu Xuan huaniu and Guimu No. 1, 16 new varieties of grass livestock, 22 new technology automatic control technology of straw, livestock and farming, animal husbandry is expected this year science and technology contribution rate reached 65%, an increase of 5%. read more

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