Xining East District carefully designed 30 people’s livelihood details considerate

inadvertently, the mouth of the alley wall culture concentrated taste; lanterns, colorful neon lights on the periphery of the cell body to clean toilets is also good to hear or see; no longer is hard to find…… Many of the details of the change, so many people feel the eastern part of the bursts of warmth. Recently, the reporter learned from the East District, after more than ten months of careful design and build, at the beginning of this year, the district Party committee, the district government to the masses of the commitment of the top 5 categories of private projects have been completed for the real thing. read more

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Xining education to cast 6 moral education platform

reporter learned from the Municipal Education Bureau, this year, the city will create a national civilized city activities in Xining as the starting point, efforts to build the school’s 6 major moral education platform, and constantly improve the social satisfaction of education in Xining.

to create a theme activity platform, improve students’ Ideological and moral level: continue to implement the "beauty beauty school I have Summergate nurturance education action plan", carry out "the people are my teachers" series of theme educational activities, strengthen the teacher’s occupation ideal and occupation moral education. To create a platform to create a platform for moral education, improve the effectiveness of moral education in schools: to speed up the construction of the school moral education curriculum system, to encourage schools to horizontal joint, cross regional cooperation, expand the way of moral education, moral education brand. Create a social practice platform, enrich the students’ practical experience: to encourage schools to organize all kinds of social activities, through the development and use of curriculum, initiative, enthusiasm and efforts to improve the effectiveness of students’ participation in social practice. To build a platform for the construction of student associations, to cultivate students’ personality and expertise: to optimize the incentive mechanism of community activities, expand the impact of the community in the students, and evaluate a number of municipal quality student associations. Helping to build a platform for action, to increase the intensity of care for special groups: multi measures, comprehensive, multi-channel special groups of students to solve problems, help them get out of trouble, tide over difficulties. To build a trinity moral education network platform, to enhance the education of the students together: the organization of the city level demonstration parents school to create activities, strengthen communication and contact with parents, to enhance the education of students. read more

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What are the methods of successful women’s wear

women’s clothing industry has always been a hot industry, women are very like to buy clothes, for many entrepreneurs, have chosen to open the women’s clothing store. Because we all know that the market and profits, want to start their own businesses, presumably also very profitable. But open clothing store, we must know the operating skills, so as to bring success. So, how to run a successful business women’s shop.

grasp the "flow" is the "money flow" principle, the location of the women’s clothing is very important, almost can determine the survival of the store. Under normal circumstances, women will choose to buy clothing store clothing city and Commercial Street, because there are many clothes available, there are more. This is also determined by the psychology of women shopping. Therefore, we should consider the choice of the former. read more

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Xining City North District agricultural product inspection pass rate of 100%

to ensure that the public "food basket" safety, quality and safety supervision department recently, Chengbei District of Xining city of agricultural products of the area farmers markets, supermarkets, planting and breeding base, greenhouse fruit and vegetable growers, milk powder sales point to carry out special supervision and inspection, found no illegal behavior.

recently, the north area of agricultural products quality and safety supervision departments in the area of Hui Hakka supermarkets, farmers market, building bridges and other places of the 4 Lane market vegetables, fruit consumption is more intensive, speed measuring point setting of residual pesticides in vegetables, fruits and vegetables are on sale fast testing of pesticide residues, and sampling wave, Baoziwan town. Wang Jiazhai, Tao Tao, South North Village to be listed pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, 64 kinds of pesticide residues rapid test pass rate was 100%. In addition, in the north of the city of Qinghai, north of the city, Tai LAN day Kelly 5 beef cattle breeding base, Nian Li Pu Zhen Sun Jia Zhai Cun, fresh milk acquisition point of purchase and sale, transportation detection and record inspection, were not found in the purchase and use of illegal veterinary drugs and additives abuse behavior. (author: Peng Nawu Hai Ying)
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The province’s most beautiful family story and parent child reading activities start

5 month 6 days, organized by the provincial women’s Federation in 2016 the province’s "the most beautiful family story and I love my family · with the book" parent-child reading activities launched in Xining. Han Yugui, deputy director of the Provincial Work Committee attended.

activities, the provincial women’s Federation recommended the State Press and publication administration to the province the majority of families and other authorities and experts selected including morality, humanity history, literature and art, science popularization is conducive to enhancing the quality of hundreds of excellent books for children, guide the majority of parents and children to read more books, read good books, good reading, and the issue of "I love my family · to the province the majority of family; parent-child reading activities with scholarly" proposal, called on everyone to take action, as the forerunner of scholarly family, build harmonious civilization, to create the spirit of Qinghai highland contribute. read more

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Strengthen the fine management and do a good job in the work of education budget

Recently, the City Board of Education held a financial work conference, seriously study the spirit of the city’s 2011 financial work conference, and in recent years, the implementation of the school education funds fine budget management practice, carried out special training

recently, the City Board of Education held a financial work conference, seriously study the spirit of the city’s 2011 financial work conference, and in recent years, the implementation of the school education funds fine budget management practice, carried out special training. read more

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This year the initial employment rate target 90%

Reporters learned from the employment of college graduates in our province in 2016 the work of the Forum: Based on the location of the current domestic and international economic situation and the provincial universities and the professional, combined with recent years various colleges and universities, the initial employment rate, our province determined: in 2016 the province’s initial employment rate of college graduates overall goal of not less than 90%.

: the Qinghai University Qinghai Normal University is not less than 88%, not less than 89%, Qinghai National University of Kunlun College of Qinghai University is not less than 90%, not less than 85%, not less than 89% of Qingdao Health College, Qinghai Institute of Police Officers is not less than 85%, Qinghai animal husbandry and veterinary Career Technical College Qinghai Communications Technical College and Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College is not less than 90%, not less than 95%. At the forum, the relevant person in charge of the University have to talk about the idea of this year’s employment goals, to the measures, determined to urge the 2016 college students initial employment rate target successfully completed. It is understood that in our province this year, a modest decline in initial employment rate target (from 2015 92.17% to 2016 completed not less than 90%) the reason is fully aware of the 2016 employment situation based on the 2016 national college graduates is expected to have 7 million 650 thousand, 160 thousand more than in 2015. 2016 college graduates in the province is expected to have 15321 people, more than and 400 more than in 2015, Qinghai Province Employment for graduates with superior institutions outside the province, the province is expected in the college graduates employment to about 13 thousand people. Meeting the requirements of the provincial colleges and universities to advance to the employment situation of education and employment policy advocacy work, and actively explore the employment channels, collect the demand information, focus on the difficult work of helping graduates, college students into the army compulsory military service and all kinds of training and examination work, increase the intensity of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and established a number of new business platform, efforts to do a good job in the employment this year the province’s College graduates. read more

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Xining city to strengthen the two agricultural products quality security

Two approaching, Xining city focus on urban agricultural products production enterprises, professional cooperatives of farmers, livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises and farmers in the wholesale market of agricultural inputs, production and business units to carry out a week-long special supervision and inspection work. The inspection, to correct minor violations since 11, illegal operation of counterfeit pesticides found in 4 cases, 2 of them have been processed, the other 2 cases are under investigation. read more

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Two sessions have changed

central eight provisions introduced, the wind has changed a lot. In the thirteenth session of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee of the third meeting of the group, the reporter saw a different two sessions.

dare to say "no" in the proposal

"in the past, the members discussed the form of a single, sometimes formalized, we have to innovate in the form and content, to dare to say" no "in the proposal." At the beginning of the group discussion, a member of the Committee put forward his own suggestion on the door. Aiming at the heavy response to light management, proposal "back home", "buck passing", proposals for lack of staff, do mention the two sides do not understand the process of handling the situation, the members have expressed their views. read more

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