Marriage website suffered a crisis of confidence in the real name system or crack strategy

2010 spring festival attracted the major dating sites get ready for battle. The original competitive, Jiayuan, and other dating sites have shown their skills at the end of the year, the campaign for the holiday season after shopping. Fierce competition led to the love of the site’s services by consumers questioned, love and marriage website must establish a reliable brand impression, real name system or a good way.

marriage website fierce competition

for nearly a year, dating sites become increasingly fierce competition. The company launched the intimate activities under the line "spring affair — the dinner on New Year’s Eve lovers", "find a husband (wife) in celebration, a fee of 150 yuan to participate in. Marry my network of advertising offensive firepower, played a farewell lonely 2009, to meet the sweet of the ad, 2010. Lily network is located in the home page to play in the end of Valentine’s Day single crystal lily, help you achieve the dream slogan.


dating website in addition to playing the warmth of slogan, also used their own killer, for example, the register login Lily network, not only can set the height, education, income and other conditions of the search with their desired candidates, but also can refer to the marriage test results heart matching system ", the more accurate find personality, values and habits with their more" matching "object. In order to snatch the future market, Lily network has been the first in the field of love and marriage love consultant service. Have launched a website for VIP member of high-end dating activities, in order to increase the success of "surplus male 3S lady" the opportunity to meet. It is reported that the selection of high-end activities of the guests extremely harsh.

years ago the marketing campaign is just a prelude to the 2010 competition really cruel, "industry experts pointed out sharply that the focus of the competition by dating website, for users of resources, rising to compete for reputation."

China Social Work Association dating service industry committee director general matchmaker Tian said that with the addition of 80 after the main force, the remaining men 3S lady groups will increasingly only children, they often need more love and marriage counseling, which will bring new market opportunities.

2010 is a year of melee." Tian Fanjiang believes that the industry has not been a real big boss, why is the difference for us to operate a few years ago mode has not revealed, the competition in a stalemate. With the change of market demand, probably within the next two or three years into a website, industry standards become because of its professional, which benefited from the rules of the game and the way ahead, to become the industry leader.

dating site suffered a crisis of confidence

has been, security is the most concerned about the issue of online marriage users. In the requirements of the site, there are 80.7% of the people as the first choice of strict identity authentication. Although the majority of Internet users on the Internet dating gives a certain degree of confidence, but the integrity of the industry is still the biggest obstacle to the development of friends.


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