Milan Sequoia net capital of 10 million venture capital

April 6th, Chengdu youth (college students) project focused on the business park, the foreign trade B2C e-commerce website Milan network officially announced that it has reached an agreement with the well-known venture capital institutions Sequoia Capital, Sequoia Capital has to inject millions of dollars in venture capital. Milan said that this financing will be used to keep Milan clothing foreign trade B2C platform, enhance the user experience, increase brand awareness and market share, and provide long-term support and adequate strategy for the development of the company. The establishment of the Milan network for 3 years since the A round of financing, the future will be built into the world’s leading multinational B2C online clothing store, and is expected to become the first in the western region of the Internet e-commerce companies listed overseas.

it is reported that the Milan network in October 2009 settled in Chengdu youth (college students) Venture Park, Wenjiang Park, the company now has more than 150 people, the main operating center more than 1 thousand and 300 square meters, logistics center of up to more than 2 thousand and 500 square meters. At present, China has more than 20000 kinds of fashion apparel products to multinational online retail outlets directly to overseas more than and 170 countries and regions, covering more than 300 thousand overseas consumers online. In July 2010, jointly organized the "entrepreneur" magazine and the Chengdu Municipal Corporation "innovation China DEMO CHINA 2010" competition in Chengdu match, Milan network as the outstanding entrepreneurial business representatives nominated for the Suzhou finals talent shows itself. In the final, the Milan network by the jury as a number of risk institutions concerned, was awarded the "star of growth (DEMO GOD)" award. Subsequently, with Sequoia Capital to establish a contact to reach the relevant cooperation intentions.

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