35 thousand don’t anger gambling account such Tencent law


brings great convenience to people while also slowly become criminals outside the law. Since its inception in 2011, a variety of cybercrime activities in the top of the WeChat is not poor, and WeChat gambling is the more the worse".


in order to attack WeChat’s gambling activities, Tencent Inc seem to have used up all the power "". According to the Tencent thunder action director Zhu Jinsong, as of 22, the Tencent has banned gambling illegal disposal of more than 25000 illegal gambling group, account for more than 35000 months, the flow of funds in the current platform has gambling behavior has been dropped.

in fact, Tencent has more than one initiative to take these cyber crimes, but because the Internet is more subtle and flexible, very difficult to regulate. After years of development, WeChat has already formed the interests gambling link cooperation division of industrial chain, and complicated and difficult to deal with.

casino play Internet plus, and derived from a variety of new ways of

gambling is a kind of ancient social activities, with the now fashionable words, it is a kind of pure line activities, but with the rise of WeChat and other social platforms, also will go to the online gambling, started to engage Internet plus the.


gaming, its main form is the dealer by WeChat to pull people into the group, is to grab a red envelope in the form of illegal gambling. Gamblers use our common fight luck bonus amount were randomly assigned by the server characteristics and sizes, developed a variety of ways, the more common are: Red Solitaire, bet size, charge, and single, double idle guess mantissa etc..

is different from the traditional gambling, grab a red envelope to seize the general psychology of the players, so that they see the red light on the point, simply can not stop. Greed let people speculate endlessly enlarged, in the virtual environment, no amount of money payment routeng, tens of thousands of gambling has evaporated in the imperceptibly away.

today, more and more people immersed in the WeChat gambling quagmire into more lost the bet inextricably bogged down in, and more gambling more vicious spiral. A lot of people to sell their assets to the "fortune" at the end to end up bankrupt, throw the helve after the hatchet, wives and children, and miserable.

ten bet nine lost, the final profit is always the dealer

"ten bet nine cheat" traditional routines are also used in the WeChat red gambling, gambling nature of WeChat we put aside, on the surface it seems to be a fair game, but in fact it is not so simple.

In fact, WeChat

, gambling is the secret dealer cheating in gambling, WeChat group, almost all of the dealer will use the plug-in software to "cheat". They can according to the group gambling rules to control the size of red envelopes, mantissa, put themselves in an invincible position forever. For some beginners, a lot of people after losing a few million, but also

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