Web2 0 era and what the site is not the community

      Web2.0 is the era of user contribution, is the era of interaction between website and users, users and users, Web2.0 is the essence of the community.

Web2.0 is the community, then what is the community?


, a German social scientist, put forward the concept of "community" in the book "community and society" in 1887, it is very rare to know and care about it. Even in 1933, several classmates Fei Xiaotong and Yenching University sociologist Parke translation of American Sociological papers, the first English "community" translated as "community" to the Chinese people to promote understanding, attention, it is still only a handful of people. Today, the "community" has become a very high frequency of use of a vocabulary, has been widespread concern, has become a sociologist, including many experts and practitioners in the field of new research topics.

so, what is the community? Some sources said sociologists to the community under the definition of more than 140 kinds. Although sociologists definition of community under different understanding are consistent in the basic elements of the community, is generally believed that a community should include a certain number of population, certain areas, certain scale facilities, certain characteristics of the culture, a certain type of organization. Community is a community of people living in a certain geographical area". The following definition may be more representative for the first definition:
: community organization mainly refers to form a culture geopolitical relationship between religious blood personal and emotional organization and informal groups, such as religious groups, private organizations, as distinguished from the same thing, the relationship between students of this kind of formal institutions in.

second: the definition of community is a life related group of several social groups or social organization formed in a certain area, is the most basic content of the social organism, is a microcosm of macro society.
a community must have five elements:

3, there is a certain living facilities;

4, the residents have a specific cultural background and life style, the residents of all kinds of social relations;

5, in order to seek the specific implementation of the rules and regulations, to produce a variety of social groups and institutions (such as the life of urban areas, streets, villages, production teams and large enterprises, etc.).


community has great advantages in resources, has the function of economic, social and psychological support and influence, social control and social participation etc., to carry out AIDS care and support work in the community care and support, will inevitably increase the depth and breadth and persistence.

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