Game business class hot cool cow push tight long domain name domain name popular

the development of online games has been more than ten years after the 2010 second quarter slowdown in the fourth quarter, the domestic online game market once again usher in growth, 2010 annual revenues of 31 billion 370 million yuan, an increase of 20.23%.

at the same time entrepreneurial site has been the focus of attention of our webmaster friends, web games, entrepreneurial sites, online shopping three types of site platform into explosive growth trend. Good situation carries a lot of entrepreneurial passion and team owners will pick up in the network market and multi platform, ushered in a new hope.

owners in the choice of the domain name for their own site, recommended not to dump the domain name goods too particular, for those who want to establish a regular website platform webmaster friends, it is recommended not to use garbage domain, the image of a good domain name, to the benefits of the website, is not only a good mind, from the side reflects the website the formal, strength etc….

but not a domain name like webmaster friends, recommended to several large domestic domain name trading platform to buy! ", such as: Edmonton, million net, new net, a particularly popular domain name auction by the webmaster, welcome, cybersquatting auction platform for domestic famous example: beyond the amount of gold, Amoy name, business name, by the famous media company " thousands of media network " large domain auction trading platform to invest one million yuan founded: earn ( will soon put into operation.

reporter learned today from today’s video shoot or game type of domain name cool, on-line a few hours to shoot 4 digits, will be in 2011-04-06 23:00:00 on time. At that time, we will focus on the results of this domain name auction reports, there are video games or game site type development of the strength of the webmaster, you can go to the senate.

in, the best natural Shuangpin: bracket, cattle push is also a large number of eye spot, will be at 2011-04-04 21:00:00 on time node shoot, friends can participate in a love. In addition, and other relatively high-end domain name tonight.

is not only gold, a network of auction are hot in the relative price of gold is relatively low, suitable for our civilian webmaster choose appropriate domain name, was shot today group purchase product phase 4 letter M for interactive forum construction are cheap and fine station meter. Amoy net auction for the establishment of the supply and demand of domain name "safe" supply and demand " shopping Chinese purchase group purchase meters" six groups " the current auction price only tens of dollars.


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