Lei Yongjun Wang Tong suggested Mengniu online selling milk motivation

in Inner Mongolia, speaking of Mengniu Dairy Industry or in China, Mengniu Dairy, I think no one would not know that he is Inner Mongolia’s largest dairy group, but also China’s largest dairy group

!In speaking of Wang Tong

in grassroots webmaster or in the network marketing planning circles said Wang Tong, I don’t think anyone would not know that he is one of the earliest known network marketing planning, also is the network marketing planning circles master


, however, they have a piece today.

network marketing guru Wang Tong actually see Italy Mengniu Empire online selling milk Niu


this topic how to look fresh and attractive, but I do not know which is a deep hidden motives.

Wang Tong guide Gensheng online selling milk, let the king company as a network marketing plan; to create the king company in the domestic and international community network marketing brand


Wang Tong: Mengniu milk can be sold online "in this article, the content from the surface, his mind no matter how you look at is like Cu’s perfectly logical and reasonable, to a king in the field of ideas. But it is not. I think this article is introduction, through the introduction to Niu Genniu’s attention, to achieve its purpose.

reason is: the sale of milk on the Internet in Mengniu Group to open up the market in Shanghai, there are precedents, and very successful. This time he took the opportunity to put forward on the Internet, but I hope Niu Gensheng would like to sell the first time on the Internet to think of him. Because he was the first to come up on the Internet, and he is a professional to do this. And reputation is good!

attached information: (to ensure authenticity, I provided the original)

according to statistics, the per capita consumption of milk in Shanghai ranks first in the country, 4 times the national average. There are Shanghai local dairy giant bright, Bright Dairy in Shanghai market share is large, the dominant products are pasteurized milk, Mengniu has the advantage of UHT (UHT milk) in the market share of small.

Mengniu determined to win the Shanghai market.

first, Mengniu made Tetra Pak’s support, because this matter for Tetra Pak company to carry out the packaging business in Shanghai is also very good.

secondly, Mengniu and Shanghai sugar sugar company to form a joint sales company in Shanghai to jointly develop the market in Shanghai.

again, Mengniu also found an effective marketing platform – Tesco is a tiger with wings added 365. Assist in the downstream, upstream reinforcements, Mengniu plans to make a big fight in Shanghai.

cut some special Mengniu in the mall, he didn’t advertise the first, but the unique quality for their milk, launched a strong taste and buy gifts, and the use of the modern marketing network marketing tools.

With the help of the 365

Tesco sales platform, Mengniu cattle >

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