UCHome help SNS vertical subdivision of the third quarter of the top ten users of the selected hot

in the second half of 2009, SNS (Social Network) network as a symbol of the new wave of traditional TV and Internet news portal and even the entire Internet industry caused a huge impact, become the core of promoting the rapid development of the Internet industry and the driving force of China. In China, Sina, Tencent, Baidu, Thousand Oaks, happy, Sohu, Jinshan and other well-known Internet companies have increased in the SNS community in the field of investment, China Mobile, China Unicom and other China telecom operators have begun to actively expand the operation of the SNS community. Day held in Beijing before the Chinese Internet Conference, on renren.com and 51.com as the representative of the SNS community has become the focus of the hottest Internet companies, in the vertical segments, more and more SNS users into the community’s daily life.

Facing the new trend of

SNS community in the rapid spread China, professional community of software and service providers (Comsenz) Comsenz launched open source SNS products UCenter Home community site (UCHome) after a year of development, across the four small version of the upgrade, has become one of the most affected by the current owners welcome station products. UCenter Home of similar products in the country took the lead in introducing roaming (Manyou) open platform for vertical SNS community the introduction of a large number of professional third party application, develop the domestic network "from the open source community site to be open to new ideas.". Roaming open platform was launched by the majority of owners welcome, currently has more than 150 thousand stations will be UCenter Home as the network community site standard, introduces the application of open platform.

in the face of the current network of community diversity and SNS community rapid popularity boom, more and more of the site using the open source community products quickly and efficiently build a SNS platform to mount users. At the local, school, class, colleagues, fellow, game guild, non mainstream entertainment and vertical website, the emergence of a large number of user base segments of the SNS community, the location of the SNS community to be closer to the user and more professional service to win a large number of loyal users, into the new community development process of domestic power in SNS. Such as the 7 Days Inn 7 days, treasure island community network exchange under the "treasure island industry", HUAWEI’s "Amy net", pcpop.com launched "My regiment", Kingsoft’s "E society" and "free arena", using social networking platform UCenter Home quickly build vertical segments, forming its own professional business development model and core competitiveness.

to thank the majority of users love, to provide more excellent products with the SNS community website, Comsenz "stationmaster" club with dozens of domestic mainstream media, stationmaster media cooperation, on the basis of the first two quarters of the launch of the "third quarter of 2009 UCenter Home honor users" selection activities. The selection of product research and development team will be integrated from the operating line of sound, combined with the needs of the election site, guide UCe>

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