Cannot read Alipay social Come on let’s look at it another way

last month, Alipay updated 9.9 version of the client, the client dispute this edition of the greatest new main screen. In the 9.9 main screen, social elements have been outstanding, product form has changed dramatically.

some people think that this is Alipay "Too Big for Her Skin", want to compete against WeChat. There is criticism that Alipay is in the "die", make the client more and more huge volume. In general, the Alipay 9.9 and did not get too much.

in the Internet industry, Alipay is also a veteran, if social networking is a trading peibenzhuanyaohe, why spend so much energy? If you change an angle to look at Alipay, that they are doing "social" is not our understanding of the "social", Alipay it is necessary to do social.


for our social, cognitive deviation

talking about Alipay before we look at the new platform to another may be misleading — mouth network.

Chinese in Yabuli summer entrepreneurs summit, CEO Wang Xing think China Xinmei O2O industry has been in the second half, need to rely on technology and services that need a new model of economic growth. And after a month, the king of the Golden Eagle’s reputation network held an ecological Partner Conference, at this time from the word of mouth network officially restarted only after one year and three months.


in the second half of O2O in it is word of mouth late? Not. Word of mouth network CEO fan children to love (micro signal: iFanr) said that even if Baidu Nuomi and word-of-mouth network and new in the O2O industry, but because the business models are different, and word-of-mouth network did not choose to go new large group purchase mode, so there is no direct competition. Word of mouth network is more focused on helping businesses do traffic operations, many services also come from the value chain in the end of the ISV service providers. (the 2016 ecological word-of-mouth network partner conference reports please move to "[interview] word-of-mouth network came back for more than a year, CEO fan Chi gives this assessment".


network and peer-to-peer reputation Xinmei large, this is a misunderstanding, while the Alipay and WeChat social circle of friends put together, so it is.

day in the word-of-mouth network ecological cooperation partner conference, the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) arrived in Hangzhou Alipay building, in a small first Alipay Diamond Membership meeting. According to official statistics, Alipay currently has 100 thousand diamond member, a diamond member means that both the amount of payment or activity, in the Alipay platform in ranking.



members will meet a certain extent can be seen as Alipay’s line of social. Diamond at the scene

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