Male Zhang Tao does not stall to learn the network marketing

or usual to work every day to buy a copy of "Beijing", my colleagues and I say "male" on "or" Beiqing newspaper, headlines. What surprised me is "male" incident caused such a strong reaction.

"male" website to sell another purpose in Zhongguancun


" BYD reporter interviewed "male" one Zhang Tao yesterday afternoon, Zhang Tao said that these days he received numerous phone calls, a lot of people looking for him to buy or do website optimization, they put stall behavior or let users understand. Zhang Tao said they sell the site because they do 12 small sites can not make a profit, so decided to sell. Today, a lot of friends to see what is said to be a public relations behind the scenes speculation, this unfounded speculation finally results. Said Zhang Tao did not know is because in Zhongguancun put 2 hours after the stall will cause users so big echo, and 5, 6 media attention. In a few short days in 12 sites looted, and received other business. Some netizens said it will only be a street vendor can make what kind of website, which I think they understand some one-sided, if they do not do site will be looted in just a few days


"male" commendable spirit

a foreigner came to Beijing first to solve the problem of food and accommodation is not easy, in this opportunity, more intense competition in the city to find a stable job is really a lot of pressure to outsiders. Ma said they had also put off stall, "male" courage to let many users praise, they have the courage to put stall is very rare. There are a lot of friends say they are thick skinned, I think they dare to face the difficulties, the courage to accept the fact that deserves our respect. Now there are a lot of webmasters almost do not make up for the loss of the site, we often talk about a few friends do personal webmaster difficult. No good before. This is a fact, no webmaster said his money is not? In an interview with reporters Zhang Tao, Zhang Tao said he is learning network marketing now, perhaps it is because he is the webmaster or other reasons Zhang Tao from the "male" into the network marketing institute.

"male" I hope events can focus on College Students’ employment pressure

recently I often read about the "male" news, because I also like them to come, I have a deep feeling, I hope we can pay attention to the problem of employment of university students, often seen on the Internet, graduation equals unemployment. Every year there are so many students go on a few months of training, is our university is to find a job? In the school when we have a week to 2 days of classes, the teachers are the newly graduated students, now the university might as well go to the training class, I think Zhang Tao is it to the network marketing training. The university teacher told us how to give leadership gifts, how to let the leaders happy, also said to the society is like this, what we have learned in the university? Learn is simply not used to things, and 80% of all waste knowledge, and significance of the University "

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