Fujian pass the illegal website to shut down 226 cancellation record information 78 thousand and 900

Communication Management Bureau of Fujian province this year, the Internet industry authorities to perform their duties, strengthen the innovation of the management of the Internet industry, the Internet to do basic management work, and constantly improve the website record rate and record information accuracy, to ensure network and information security audit; as of now has 36 thousand and 800 sites, the cancellation of the site record information 78 thousand and 900 226, shut down illegal websites, the website record rate and record information accuracy to maintain the leading position in the same level of the province in the national website access volume.

do the site for the record review and record user support infrastructure management, the first half of this year the audit site 36 thousand and 800, the cancellation of the information site for the record 78 thousand and 900, clean up the site did not record 3547, accept the password loss, the conflict between the 283, 2692 user questions. Carry out shell site cleanup work, orderly shell class record data cleaning work, this year has completed 90 thousand and 300 of shell and shell to clean up the main work site. To strengthen the access service providers and domain name registration services management, regulate the Internet market order, interviewed the company 8 times. After hard work, the current filing rate of 99.93% in Fujian Province, ranked the country’s second place, the site record information accuracy rate is higher than the national average. According to the latest statistics, the province’s total access service companies access the site 275 thousand, ranked the country’s fourth place, while the main site for the record information accuracy rate of 73.2%, higher than the national average of 3.2 percentage points.

is an important period of the network to do security work, the Bureau organized the communication network security protection work, this year for the 27 important network unit for the on-site technical evaluation, ensure the basic communication network, an important business system and the national top-level domain name system security, the network security protection level and the system construction of the communications industry to a new level. The organization carried out 4 Trojan botnet worms and fly off the mobile phone virus crackdown, disposal of Trojan botnet 8101 incidents, energy-saving 12807 incidents, 619 incidents of mobile phone virus.

the bureau to clean up Internet pornography and vulgar information efforts to strengthen the management of basic telecom operators, access service enterprises, domain name registration and management services on the Internet, key areas and key links to increase management efforts, investigate and punish illegal websites. In the first half of the bureau to investigate and deal with the closure of 23 black Internet cafes. At the same time, the bureau to give full play to the role of the provincial Internet association, to promote industry self-regulation, compile the Internet development report, the Internet industry to start the self contribution award selection activities.

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