Three key points of self organization from Baidu Post Bar

from the traditional BBS to Baidu post bar, the forum is a leap forward self-organization. Have a section opened in the approval process of traditional BBS and Post Bar, but Post Bar there are more advantages in the diversity of topics, from the forum and the choice of topics to Post Bar small topic selection, should be seen in the topic setting more segments of the trend, which means that the disintegration of the old the rules of BBS, also brought a subdivision based mountain more freedom. Now Baidu Post Bar topic is still growing rapidly, no traditional BBS can allow and take so much management tasks, only Post Bar in self organization mechanism can achieve large-scale topic self management.

      the above is the first key by a "free control" can let the user self discipline and self motivation and actively participate in the point of self organization mechanism of building a successful, this will bring the content and topic of the explosion, but also to avoid the huge management work, self organization and the user is in close contact with the self management. Baidu Post Bar missing in "control" of the "goal" is "opening have an approved program, to prevent a flood of theme and wasteful duplication of resources is the main motivation, but still need to appropriate technical means, realize the theme set free, allows users to set up their own Post Bar free will bring many new effects.

      Post Bar open interactive content mechanism first step result is made form and mechanism of self organization, promote the content and user freedom, but to create the core of the intrinsic value of his success is second key points must be through the reasonable value assessment, credit accumulation mechanism to become a Post Bar the value of a fair balance, a value of "information channel", be content with people each test platform to make Post Bar "freedom" better "value" rather than "anti value", "negative value" service. Stick it is not only the success of the emergence of a large number of topics it must also allow users to have active content behavior.

      there is a logical connection between the first and second key points. Free control for the development of the post bar value provides a completely different from the traditional BBS platform and atmosphere, and paste it to ensure that the value of the purpose of free control, to prevent the negative effects of free control. In addition, it is because the value of the guarantee is necessary, which makes the Post Bar can set up to provide a greater degree of freedom in this section, a reminder that Baidu for the new Post Bar approval mechanism is concerned, there are still a lot of room for innovation, such as for valuable customers and needs of the topic, meaningful content can take the credit granting authority management mode.

      third key points of construction of self organization mechanism of success is to make online information, value, task, purpose, resources can freely transfer and exchange, as long as it can let interest, Xing >

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