The holiday shopping season sales business is ready to share the details of a crash

any marketing activities and sales of electricity supplier website can not be done overnight, it needs a long-term process, for the 2 months of marketing activities, it takes half a year or a year of birth is, for the 2012 shopping season, September and October is the two month crucial, are you ready?

1, hire excellent online sales staff from now on

preparing for a great shopping season will require team effort. Smart electricity supplier manufacturers will start from a very early start. Hire motivated, focused and experienced staff. Involving experts can train your team and provide you with much-needed online marketing assistance.

2, spot selling is not selling products and categories

use your analytical tools such as Google analysis, sales reports, inventory and return data to determine which products and categories are performing well. Once these are identified, you should put your marketing efforts to promote your top selling products, categories and keywords. Don’t just look for sales matrix; the average searching time each visited page processing and website to stay, then focus on some direct traffic, such as pay, banners, email rather than dumping all traffic to the home page or product sales. Remember, the profitability of the product should be based on the needs of the season.

3, put your best-selling products and categories in the main position

you can learn from Google analytics, which categories, brands and products need to link from the home page through banners and navigation.

4, develop a holiday sales calendar

holiday season is usually a chaotic sprint chase sales and profit maximization. Plan now gives you the best promotion and clever strategy, because it is the right time to play in the buyer’s instinct. Plan your inventory, marketing activities, support and sales in advance according to the holiday date.

5, create a holiday navigation

with a special holiday navigation, your stores that look more in the festive atmosphere, will give visitors provide additional opportunities for shopping, don’t forget that you can offer gifts and discounts on the homepage banner and navigation. Use different colors, holiday pictures or use a low profile animation.

6, there is a login page gift

many tourists do not know what to buy for their relatives or friends in the special day, you should help them through a dedicated landing page, these pages can classify the web products in different ways, reducing the customer’s search range, more accurate to find Italian goods.

7, the creation of holiday graphics

keep the festive atmosphere, you should have the following graphics specific to each festival: logo, homepage banner, Facebook schedule Twitter cover image, background image, homepage banner pictures, links >

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