Some skills to improve the conversion rate

We focus on the

web site traffic, try various promotion methods to improve website traffic, and ultimately to our attention or stay in return, because the more traffic is to generate revenue, whether you are selling products, selling services, garbage station or just hang advertising alliance, how to maximize the benefits also, we should consider the problem.

first, the setting of advertising

here to talk about a misunderstanding, do not think that the more pages of the ad, click on the more, the more income will be. In particular, only hang GG advertising, a page on the GG advertising, the lower the price. I would like to hang a few more, you can hang a different advertising alliance, I am now Ali mother, GG, and Baidu’s advertising to hang a.

advertising should be integrated with the layout of the page, the entire page is divided into the size of the ad should be considered, too large or too small to seriously affect the appearance, so in the style of the design had to consider this point. In the sidebar add advertising at the same time, to the upper left corner of the text to add a square advertising, the location of the attention and the click rate is the highest, in the article can add text ads, reasonable use a space for you to increase many benefits.

two, the creation of advertising words

general Adsense as long as the advertising alliance advertising in a reasonable position on the line, the other do not want to think, the content of their own generation. As I do now have SP advertising, in order to page beautiful, I in the text with the text ads, specific text description must depend on oneself how to think, how to attract people, if you don’t want to word, also can reference the same site is how to describe the. This link can greatly improve the income. Can refer to my website.

three, website content

here to discuss the main site is to sell products to sell services, not linked to the advertising alliance. This will make the user experience, as the successful case, demonstration, transaction process, there are many details, the main is to increase customer trust, think of your product or service is feasible and reliable, it should start from the user experience. station in SEO feeds welcome friends and I discuss the QQ:79702151 reproduced please specify the source.

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