WeChat push each other several ways to compare the effect

push each other on micro-blog play, but the effect is also said to be good. WeChat push each other far better than the effect of micro-blog push each other. After the first 1000 fans began to find someone to cooperate with each other, each time the effect will get hundreds of fans. So WeChat cooperation is also important to push each other. But you need to remember is that the number of partners to push each other need to be cautious, do not easily pull eggs. Partners to cooperate with each other to determine how his credit.

old vegetables today to tell you a few ways to push each other. According to the effect of good or bad, the impact of the user experience in turn row.

1, the text did not push each other

this is the most used way to push each other, later in the article recommended public number of fans in each other, after reading the content, will see with these recommendations, long press copy will be able to pay attention to, this way is also a good effect. And not too much impact on the powder, from an operational point of view, there is no need to call every day shouting cooperation. Looking for a number of long-term cooperation on the line, the number of mutual push the best control in 5, too many have no effect. On the whole, the article did not push each other, the effect is good, simple operation, the impact of small powder.

2, graphics collaboration push each other

in a multi graphic way to push each other, the effect of the best and most direct, the best number of more than the number of graphics and text should not exceed: 1+3 (including the push of this article), the effect of this interaction need not say more directly in the eyes of the user. But the impact on the fans is relatively large, your fans pay attention to you, the most important is to look at your content, occasionally send an ad or push each other Never mind, but if the long-term development, is bound to affect the fan experience, off powder may also be more powerful, it will be possible to directly lead to the candle. Of course, if you write a good copy of each other, to some extent alleviate the problem of powder. In the operation, by mutual push mode is hard, often see those pictures push each other in the group, should call the team every day, it is very hard. In general, the effect is good, operation trouble, a certain degree of powder.

3, read the original push each other

read the text to push each other, is in the material editor with the original link, the original link for pushing the link to an object on the line, of course, here can only write a link, so a lot of people travel to push each other, each person pushing a link, the link with your public number available. Fans after reading the article, you will see a reminder to read the original text, click on it, to the place where this recommendation. Overall, after all, is the most inconspicuous place in the whole article, so the click through rate is small, but the number of people pushing each other if more, in fact, is also very impressive, especially the group pushed each other. Because this operation is not trouble, the overall effect of speaking down is also good. This is a very popular way to push each other, the effect of the general, but a large number of clusters, simple operation, the impact of small powder.

4, was concerned about the news automatically push each other

when fans are concerned about your public number, it will automatically

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