How to do a good job in imitation of foreign trade website

with the increasing popularity of network information wave, global business information sharing is within reach. Especially with the product homogeneity serious, intense competition in the market today, more and more consumers through the Internet to obtain information consumption has become the mainstream, especially overseas developed countries, with the popularization and application of the network technology, the use of search engines to obtain the information of the goods is up to more than 60%. Some foreign network operators have been aware of the coming of the Internet era, are using the Internet to promote enterprise information transmission to the world.


, many copy brand merchants use search engine keyword advertising has achieved good results, due to the special factors of imitation brand exist, at present more and more Internet advertising service providers have made a scathing review of imitation brand goods. The most typical is the Google keyword advertising refused to fake brand events. Search engine has become the main source of information, especially in the form of keyword search, advertising more accurate for enterprises.

search engine to suppress keyword advertising, imitation brand foreign trade website how to promote it?

network marketing experts pointed out that the search engine for website ban on keyword advertising, indeed for the imitation brand foreign trade website lost a marketing channel, so copy brand merchants to integrate all marketing resources, to explore a more suitable imitation brand publicity channels, such as SEO website optimization promotion, a good which is the way of publicity.

is also concerned that the use of SEO optimization technology imitation brand foreign trade website, also can make full use of overseas customers to search for information in the form of keyword habits, pay attention to your promotion information in Google, Yahoo and other search sites.

so what is SEO, SEO optimization promotion what are the benefits?

he said that the so-called SEO is simple, is to use through the use of web search engine optimization technology to achieve and accept, and enable the visitors in search will give priority to see your website promotion information. Is to search engine optimization, keyword optimization for the promotion of the core, including Google, Baidu, Yahoo search promotion function.

search engine optimization of foreign trade imitation brand website benefits

1 low cost. Using SEO technology to optimize the foreign trade website, also can send the imitation brand commodity information optimization to Google, Yahoo and other famous search engine website, and in the home show, no matter how many times your visitors click on, do not need to pay any fees, the relative price competitive keyword advertising, the cost gap between the two is obviously.

2 propaganda precise. SEO can use specific keywords in the form of optimization to search engine home page. When consumers use keyword search, the vast majority of them are your target consumer groups, or potential consumer groups. Invisible increased imitation brand foreign trade >

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