How to promote private hospital network

recently seen a lot of SEO in the circle of friends to write some articles about medical network operations, there is a piece of this article on my hand, I did not write, is a medical operation supervisor to write, I haven’t released, just take this opportunity to share with you. Yesterday I talked about the "step out of the circle: cross out, bringing in" the problem, we can just take this opportunity of thinking about the collision and other people in the circle, you might be standing in the SEO point of view the problem, you might be standing in the perspective of the promotion, you may be stand in the angle of editing, you may also stand in the perspective of business owners. Then a supervisor is to see how it? Look at them this circle is how to treat the medical operation of this problem, how do you see this problem, for your perspective and thinking will be of great advantage.

private hospital network in this article to promote the operation, but the main focus is on how to promote private hospital network infertility, as follows:


according to the State Department statistics, about 230 million couples of childbearing age in China, the probability of infertility occurs in the range of 15% to 20%. At the same time, along with the environmental pollution, diet, disease, abortion, old age and other issues, infertility increased year by year. Based on a large number of infertility patients, how to do a good job in the current focus on the promotion of infertility Department

?First of all,

of patients with accurate brief analysis, can help us in the promotion process at

1, the psychological demands of patients with infertility grasp, most infertile patients with 99% non diagnosed, suspicious and changeable, non individual, couple Tongzhi, see a doctor to find experts, more brand reputation, impatient hope quick this several common features. Therefore, we are in the process of network promotion, advertising, packaging must identify with the angle of interest points and pain points, an antidote against the disease, patients can move.

, 2 of infertility population analysis generally 25-35 years old is the peak of women of childbearing age, before the age of 25 are not married or not to the age factor of children, to 25 – 35 years old began to actively prepare pregnant, but also have a certain economic basis. Analysis of age groups in order to more effectively promote the use of channels, 25-35 years old to contact more of the media, television advertising, micro-blog, WeChat, or newspaper magazine?

second, clear market positioning

infertility treatment can be cross regional difference from other diseases, so in infertility put at the beginning, to figure out how much you want the cake, is located in the region, the city, the province or country. This step is the development direction of late infertility tone, determine the overall investment ratio, to determine the market positioning of promotion channels, media publicity.

third, identify their own positioning

infertility per

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