Secret how to better analyze the competitors website

We all know that

website optimization analysis of competitor’s website is essential for website promotion and optimization step. We can win. Analysis of competitors’ success and failure experience, not only can avoid we take more detours, but also can learn from their success. Why not?? that we see the analysis of our competitors from what? People think can from the following aspects.

first, the website internal optimization

1, starting from the whole, from the overall site analysis.

can be analyzed from the overall structure of the website, column design, the depth of the page content, the user experience and other aspects of the analysis. Then, the author analyzes the rationality of the structure of the website, the relevance of the column design, the value of the content of the page, and the feeling of the user when browsing the whole website.

2, the title, description, keywords wording and layout

we all know the importance of the title to the site, first of all to analyze the title of the site has a competitive advantage. Then is the analysis of the site keywords, we also know that the site’s keyword selection and distribution directly affect the ranking of the site. The second is described, analysis in the title tag description tag is consistent, whether the distribution of natural, is a fluent sentence. But personally feel that in the title, description, key words between the three most important is the title and description. The first is to attract users to the title, followed by the user will be based on the description of the site for the description of the reading, if your description is attractive enough, the user will naturally click into your site.

3, the usefulness of the content of the page and the value of the original article

if the web content is rich and practical enough, users will be very love, will spontaneously reproduced, so that web content not only the user will be very loyal and love, the spider is also very love.

two, website external optimization

1, each search engine included

through the webmaster tools for competitor website analysis. Through the query you can see the competition website included rankings. Search its search engine in the collection of pages, and your site positioning of the key word ranking, as well as the site’s update frequency. Can be timely to determine the situation of their own website.

2, the chain analysis

we all know that a good site should be mesh and can be transmitted to each other, so that the internal links between the pages of a vote, mutual authority. To build a harmonious and diversified network. And we also know that the external links can improve the site’s authority, so that the rankings, and a good chain must be a relevant and high quality links. We can learn from each other’s Web site links, and learn how to follow them.


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