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In recent years, with the

on the "winter capital" rhetoric, we also find there are indeed many have reported in predicting "the unicorn" was buried in the wheel of time, the story is often staged flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

as the saying goes, everything is difficult at first. In the beginning of the business, whether it is entrepreneurs themselves or the enterprise itself, are in the stage of confusion and exploration. How to survive, how to survive, entrepreneurs need to consider the issue.

in today’s article, 10 experienced entrepreneurs share their focus on problems in the early start, I hope to help you can meet the challenge. Enjoy:

if you are running a business, where should you focus your energy? The answer to this question depends on whether the company will succeed in the future. Prior to the Product Hunt Chat LIVE, the 10 experienced entrepreneurs have raised this issue, asking them what the founders should focus on the early stages of the problem. Product Hunt this article on the content of the recommendations given by these entrepreneurs finishing.

first pay attention, followed by financing

shares: Laila Shabir, Girls Make Games and LearnDistrict CEO

I would like to focus on income first, then financing. In the past two or three years, we have been self reliant, although difficult, but it is in this case can force us:

1) allows customers to be happy, to maintain high customer satisfaction, and then they will continue to bring new customers

2) within the scope of their own can make mistakes

3) learn how to lead

I was a character very introverted person (although I know people may not agree with this statement, so I) focus on the entire team, interact with them, for me it is a very difficult thing. I just hope that everyone in the team can work hard to promote the smooth progress of the project. My co-founder, Ish, is different from me. He is a natural leader who is able to devote his energy to the people around him. On the one hand, influenced by him, one hand he read books, I slowly began to break the shackles of character, begin to realize the different views and different style of work force.

to a certain extent, it can be said that it is the first time we made the decision to self-reliance, we benefited from the introduction of an important curriculum resources. If we start financing too early, the center of gravity may be offset, no longer focus on deepening the essence of service resources, but to the external year

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