Huang Xiangru how to do a good user experience

is now the same type of website website features or services beyond count, homogenization, large areas can not see what difference, difference is reflected in the details. See spot see leopard, the details become the most powerful form of expression. Attention to details, perfect details often reflects the website sincerely for the sake of users sincere enthusiasm. We have good reasons to believe that, a sincere in details on the efforts of the website, the service quality must be very excellent. So, as the website operators only scrutinized their products or services, pay attention to the details, for the sake of users, in order to make their sites in the competition, as the point arena, the fight is fine

!According to

website development point of view, "there is no best, only better", the need to improve the details will never end; emerge in an endless stream, the website is constantly developed and improved in the endless pursuit of.

so how to make the design of the website is unique and usability? How to use some effective methods to make their own web site has a good user experience? Here are some of my experience:

first: reflect the site’s identity and positioning

site can not let any one may access or access is even visited users, we are sharpened to how to deal with these three problems. So for any user who visits your site you need to know what he cares about the first time you open your website. I personally think that the first time a user opens a web site is mostly the four problems:

what is this website


what’s on this website?

what can I do or get here?

, why should I choose here and not elsewhere?

second: site navigation and site level

To give an overview of

website service website, should not only include the content — "what can I find here?". Also include the function – "what can I do?". And how these services are organized. This work is usually handled by persistent navigation. In fact, a web site navigation is very important, he is the site of the channel, it can make users convenient to find he want to go to the page, in addition, when users browse each page, he should clearly present location marked, so as not to let the user feel not clear southeast.

third: search

The search method of

with popular keywords, so that the user is convenient, fast and convenient, the site can reduce the pressure of the server, improve user browsing speed.

fourth: recommended

is like a magazine cover, "there are some home with exciting content" that attract me, "recommended" part should highlight the latest and best, the most popular piece of content, for example: in the SNS network.

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