The article derailed Monday to see an occasion to marketing opportunities can not be ignored

Saturday, Zhou see. The Yao Di Touxing events easily on the headlines,  collateral damage ‘s brother Wang Feng said "Mom and Zi Yi don’t have to worry about my headlines". The article derailed and Yao Di private events, Three Gorges earthquake, Pingdu type land such information usually broke a casual vacancy period has a chance to headline news, almost all been denounced Yao Di’s voice over the.

also took advantage of all the focus on the Yao Di incident wave, white lily and Chen Yufan divorce news by several high-profile statement did not matter, 360 teeth but Zhou Hongyi called Monday to see, simply invited for the site to one week, one week hateful visibility is not urgent long Zeluola, connivance of cardinal to occasion packaging a, is still not able to heat up.

a series of text as the center of the derailed Monday to see marketing content and plans to continue to emerge, the article derailment has been virtually dupes, side cover other news contribute to alleviate the social pressure of public opinion, to a number of Internet Co KPI, enhance brand awareness and make great contribution to those brothers and sisters to denounce the and you made it? It was thought the ordinary life star, because the star’s identity to criticism, but he is great for many people, is holding for the VIP seat.

# by counting those articles derailed # play occasion marketing case


that will as the guest of honor is perhaps the publicity marketing staff, here I will do a little marketing inventory, to share a bit through the article derailed fun occasion marketing case.

1.360 push a key

I have said, the 360 release of key intellectual products – "one week", Zhou Hongyi used his influence subtly at the time is rapidly warming Monday to see the topic, cut a week, although the final week of a marketing success did not detonate, but it still attracts a large number of forwarding, Zhou Hongyi the core is the circle of fans if technology, so the marketing is successful.

2 Alibaba investment intime grab headlines

Sunday, "a major event in the news began to spread to the Alibaba recently tomorrow, science and technology enterprises in the Internet circle are love with such PR tunes, such an attempt to grab the headlines of the Alibaba vision, was eventually broken. Because the amount of HK $5 billion 370 million stake in intime investment is quite large, Ali is also the Internet giant has caused some concern, a number of technology media headlines. Even from a certain point of view, because after we spent on Ali stake in intime, Ali recent frequent large investment funds should be verified in doubt, Ali is in the use of Alipay store funds, then perhaps the headlines Alibaba will therefore get huge public pressure, the happy ending will give users leave a name.

so Alibaba

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