How to maintain old customers for startups

now this year, all the businesses in each entity after a difficult 2015, 2016 is more difficult to do business, for services to the traditional brand business start-up companies, is difficult, especially in the rapidly changing now, only relying on a single service content and product form has been difficult to meet the needs of customers.

yesterday morning, the company’s first customers, local the Great Wall automobile 4S shop, they make an appointment to another wind off the stores, relevant public operations and management consulting matters, here to point out that more than a year ago, this company is our first home when WeChat opened the public number 4S when the shop, by our company is responsible for the public number generation operation and construction services, due to preferential policies and various aspects of the transfer of personnel within the store, the final generation operation not disease and eventually, customer company executives to see any effect on the grounds that the suspension of cooperation, so that for a long time, the number of public 4S shop completely paralyzed, although the middle of a long time without cooperation, but because the company is the first customer, so as long as the customer is on any of the WeChat public No. We have the patience to answer questions, and regular visits to understand the relevant industry application needs, provide relevant recommendations. May often appear in the sight of customers, coupled with a growing number of local leading industry and our business cooperation, the company of another brand stores new media direct contact with us, we hope to give specific guidance, and signed a cooperation agreement.


the company executives in order to advance the matter, make time to receive my visit, and arrange staff to attend, in a detailed understanding of the current state, put forward the corresponding guidance of platform construction and operation of their service number, complete the application and certification first, now 4S shop industry and more businesses begin to upgrade to the service number, in order to use WeChat late payment and micro mall, the main framework and contents of the construction, then complete service, finally, through activities and guidance and the completion of the initial WiFi stores attract fans, and fans activity, improve the interactive games and other forms of conversation, company executives also a series of problems of whether to build customer WeChat group such as consulting, got me a detailed answer, and recommend them ibeacon intelligent hardware in 4S The application store industry, finally she directly to finalize the specific personnel responsible for further docking and we agreed to sign business cooperation agreement, I think this is mainly derived from the old customer’s trust, give us the second opportunity for customer service.

here I would like to sum up, as a start-up company, in the development of new customers at the same time, we must pay attention to the maintenance of old customers, specific should do the following:

1) to maintain a certain density of visits to the old customers, so that they often see you, as the saying goes, so that old customers remember that you are very important.

2) deep excavation of the industry needs of the old customers, to solve the problem in a timely manner, do not wait for old customers >

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