Four points of marketing electricity supplier will in

business has become one of the most popular network industry, in fact, is very beneficial for the promotion of electronic commerce, although the electricity supplier industry in the fierce competition in the Internet, as long as we understand the promotion of so many opportunities, not be afraid of no business, now speed network to share a.

from the media to promote

now since the media promotion is very effective, timely promotion even if effective, but from the media are divided into several categories, a blog from the media, micro-blog also from the media, since the media column, and video from the media, but as long as one can be a blog from the media, a lot of people do not write requirements are relatively high, but not what professional technology such as blog, since the media can choose Sina, NetEase, Sohu, these can be recommended to the first page of the blog to blog from the media, micro-blog is also true. Column from the media requires a deep understanding of the professional can do, such as Baidu hundred, Tencent, Sina column, NetEase IT, wait, as long as these well written articles for publication from the success of customers is very high, and the successful submission can be forwarded to a small website, popular the topic of communication power. There is a video from the media, do this can record a simple tutorial, working points can certainly promote this record is in accordance with the different industries to develop, such as entertainment, direct recording can be funny.

forum popularity promotion


forum is a popular interactive traffic is very high, how to plan the good writing posts can be obtained directly from thousands of customers, of course, also want to see your writing posts whether can put ads cleverly implanted inside the post, but also consider whether the post can resonate, let others own top stickers, or purchase products directly related to the business development and dissemination, and credit, but also consider the problem is the forum choice, whether it is suitable for the promotion of electric products, the number of customer forum can not easily be ShanTie and attractive consider whether, at present a large flow of Forum Forum Katie, of course I am not the promotion of this forum, but I used in this forum do promotion, traffic is very, but my post was deleted, it is suitable to me do not understand the electricity supplier, day Career Forum can choose to do electricity supplier, but the traffic is not too concentrated, but the customer is indeed a lot of really, as well as post bar is also good, other forums need electricity providers who find their own.

Q & a promotion

problem can be said that every company each have eighty percent of the most electricity businesses will do, but because the account issues are doing is not good, but can answer the question, answer questions as long as clever can pull to customers, while Sogou ask account limit, but can be considered, 360 questions and answers, if know can choose the medical insider and inquiry platform. These registered accounts can basically unrestricted registration is no problem. If you do not understand can be registered in the speed network account speed network Q & a center.


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