ndustry recruitment website promotion program

mixed network is not short of time, so for those common promotion methods also have a little understanding of it, always wanted to write an article about promotion strategy of industry talent net, and just over the weekend last week with a webmaster can do talent network industry man explores this issue, so this article will came into being. The following bear to talk about their views on the promotion of industry talent strategy. Take LED industry as an example.

1, link work: home page link is appropriate for the 70, home page outbound links will lead to the home page will be too much. Inside the pages of the site to enhance the role of friendship is not pr. For no return to our site, and we can not withdraw its links to the industry association website, you need to add a "nofollow" label. Prevent site weight loss.

2, search engine optimization [SEO]: SEO is a required course for promotion of people, from the title of the page, the website keywords need to be modified to study the search engine algorithm, these are hard to learn and practice. As for the main word, the key words, the long tail keywords can use Baidu drop-down box, Baidu index, the long tail keyword tools and other sites to choose.

3, the use of Baidu know, encyclopedia, library to promote their own has been doing these promotional work, the site’s visibility and enhance the flow of some effect. Remember too straightforward ads on Baidu promotion, need to join the soft thinking, people see the useful information to others only, also can go through the Baidu administrator review.

4, LED industry people like to go to the forum to send promotional stickers. First collected LED industry website: you can pick out some good visibility out, do the key to promote the object.

promotion: looking for LED professionals interested in the article, standing on their own LED professional point of view, they would love to see what kind of articles, the content can be the industry’s latest news, LED industry trends, LED technical articles, to modify their own, adding their own website promotion information, then the issued to the target forum. Ps: paste not much, but in the top. That is a hot topic of influence is greater than certain no one’s post.

5, the LED industry talent network submitted to the talent network navigation site, or with LED related industry navigation website. These navigation site Baidu a lot.

6, information classification website promotion;

information classification site can generally be free release of information, from their own talent online to pick up some more reliable, more readable recruitment information or the job information to the classification of information posted on the website, but remember to leave their release promotional information.

information classification site there are relatively well-known: Ganji, 58 city, local treasure, people network…

7, analysis of the main competitor

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