The 3 question to tell you the brand is a god horse things

What’s a

brand brand? How what role? These three aspects, the author of this article will be from the angle of enterprise market and the consumer / user point of view, combined with specific examples of "brand".


as corporate executives, marketing, product operators, whether you have been troubled by these questions:


brand is a logo, an advertisement, a positioning, a specific image,

brand is to do advertising, it requires a lot of money, we these small businesses, just can not do business, the brand is a big business things!

Internet products, the user experience is the fundamental, the amount of users / sales up, we will seize the initiative, the valuation of the enterprise is high, the brand is also a ghost with the future of the brand will fail, or even disappear!

above is summed up in 3 doubts:

brand in the end is a god horse things – market perspective

brand in the end there is the role of god horse – business perspective

brand in the end the role of god horse – consumer / user perspective

1, the brand in the end is a god horse things – market perspective

famous American marketing experts, known as the father of modern marketing " " Philip · Kotler (Philip Kotler) the definition of brand is expressed as: " brand is a name, term, mark, symbol or design, or combination of them used, its purpose is to identify a seller or a group of sellers of products or services, products and services from making it with the competitors from ".

, however, the author thinks: "the brand is the sum of consumer’s cognition and experience". This includes the following layers of meaning:

(1) brand is "consumer" as the core;

is present in the minds of consumers, the consumer experience, rather than starting from the provisions of the enterprise.

for example, the enterprise to its own brand as "90 little meat fun", but the people little meat they do not buy it, is that this brand is the wise choice of 40+ players". Then the latter is the actual meaning of your brand.

(2) brand is based on consumer’s cognition and experience;

everything will affect the consumer’s "cognition and experience" tangible intangible, are part of brand management. Therefore, the brand has the following 2 characteristics:

1) brand, is always in the brand in the company, the development of products, the beginning of the existence of a registered trademark. Every step of the company

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