Product type community May be a false proposition

never speak to brother, brother is the Union member of VIP, has always been our own faithful iron, high-end tea brand Tang princess, two days ago I received a telephone call to brother.

brother always said, I have always wanted to create a Tang Princess tea product type community, but suffered a lot of time, still can not find the north? Is not the general community on small businesses and no eggs with

?After listening to

brother talk, my humble asked: why do you have to do product type community? Tell me what you think of tea products suitable for the product type community? We believe that after reading this, you will find the answer.

the current business community positioning model, basically can be divided into five categories: product type, industry type, media type, all the chips, investment type:

1, product community

For users of

products, high frequency AC persistent topics such as millet, is for the mobile phone fancier community, to discuss the theme of intelligent mobile phone, young people are keen on this topic, and update the information in large quantity, which belongs to the high frequency hot topic, many online opinion leaders.

as our VIP member xiancaotang Huang, they are specialized in the production of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, effects in the treatment of tumors, then a suitable for the construction of the tumor patients and their families are community, because cancer is very concerned about the treatment of information content and expert consultation.

2, industry community

for a vertical segment of the industry, through the community to create an industry based B2B exchange platform. Suitable for their own rich vertical industry upstream and downstream manufacturers or distributors of traditional enterprises or industry associations or industry media.

, for example, will be aimed at the swan hotel management industry, its investment in the management of the company’s own software company on the precipitation of thousands of old hotel customers. As a medical agency is for medical and health industries, such as pharmacy manager group, pharmaceutical sales representative group, hospital doctors, patients and other groups.

our VIP member Liu Jian do water purification equipment community, focusing on three thousand water purifier dealers, but also belong to the industry community.

3, media community

is focused on a topic of interest to fans, information sharing or learning community, and often be made one number and other public media.

for example, the logic of thinking is to study knowledge from the media community as the theme, and recently won twenty million VCs catering reference, also belong to the vertical industries in the catering industry since the media community. Our Yitian alliance, from the theme of learning can be attributed to the media community, from the perspective of membership services contain product type community elements belong to the mix version.

4, the congregation raised community

this is an expert in many research communities

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