How to get a strong link without exchange links

a lot of new sites and then set up the site are distressed with a few things.

1, Baidu has included

2, PR when to update!

3, how can weight up


and so on these things, the novice asked the question is nothing more than these!

I have answered such a sentence: weight problem!

I said here just want to share the novice, master not close.

How to improve the weight of

, the problem is more complex, but also relatively simple. The general approach is to improve the unlimited expansion of violence to go outside. Outside number, the higher the weight! The best record in the PR like experience for 10 sites like all Chinese website link to his station.

maybe you will say that even more with the weight of what relationship.

specific relationship not to talk, talk about if many pages to your site even if it is overdue will have a lot of



has been a number of outreach index. And is an important indicator!

Of course,

is not a small number of weight outreach is low, I have Crusader number but rarely more outreach good weight. Because the quality is even higher. But for the new station, not willing to stand with your case. Only rely on themselves to expand outreach. Volume up, natural right again.

access to the outside can even get through the blog friendship connection to get

you can sign up for a lot of blog posts and then connect to their own stand there. This is a special method for Sohu blog, and the blog, and the blog Baidu NB. You can try to do that. Where they have to blog article as long as the general weight is not low.

can also spread through soft

this article is an example, please allow me to bring an address after all, we do so. 163 the site for 2 months by the number of outreach YAHOO currently has 3694 reverse connection check. There is a connection with the weight. Through the ADMIN5 CHINAZ webmaster Webmaster Help nets and other places. Not half a good quality articles will soon have a lot of stations to reprint. At this point you have unlimited expansion of the chain, the condition is that you have a good article. I believe the editor will give you push home page!

can also get access to the forum signature.

as far as I know the current mainstream webmaster forums are allowed to do so. Connect your web site address to your signature. Do not stop there. Not as long as the top stick machine, that are the owner will acquiesce to do so I have 163! The more than 3 thousand even about more than 1 thousand are obtained from the webmaster forum signature. Good weight.

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