The new world of personal websites

      make a station, I just do a play, entertainment station fire began to feel the Na, follow the wind made a music station, technology layout are regarded as first-class ah ah, not what results down more than a year income, even the server could not get the money back, after two years off. Later, I also made some pictures of the station, the local forum and the like, and finally closed.

      out of my personal work, IT products industry, after all, hard, but from the beginning of this line I found, because we often find a product agent in the group asked a dozens of times or did not get an answer, and finally had to ask for help with the transfer of goods, of course, the price adjustment is certainly not the price to agents there, don’t?? for the goods to the customer, do not have the right to earn, earn less than not earn a good way, depressed. Ha, professional relations, nonsense more ~

      I do not I wholesalers, distributors, first from here, almost every two or three days have agents come to us to promote their products, and this group of people, it is my later website fixed access source. Because the proxy generation need to know where where there are dealers, to push the company’s products, how to do? Looking for distributors, dealers in? In a booklet (I’ve heard it’s very difficult to get, is the top record distributor and contact way around), hand and some have it as is more important than the state secrets, not easily let the other person know that it can not reveal the slightest message to second people, this is what they think about ~

~BS’s commercial secrets

      the other is a fixed number of visitors, I such dealers, many big brands that know where is the total generation, but most of the time there will be customers for some " upset " stuff, so as long as you are and you will know this line every day there are N many people (mostly in various dealers group (I) in the Q group had more than and 20 of the population) asked XXX who do? Who is XXX? Of course, this group all day crying boy now mostly used my query platform, QQ group will be less many of the problems of * * *.

      at the beginning, I do not want to put the query to the business QQ put up, for the industry to consider the interests of, here is not much to say. But there are a lot of visitors began to complain, saying that if a business directly above QQ that more convenient (to contact us by telephone, rarely think of is, all QQ), since to do so on a station, ready to sacrifice, what to affect my job, not so much to do. This station is not because don’t look through those holding the booklet as a revolutionary party as a message also refused to disclose the person, simply do not have two, >

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