‘m a big fan How to make the fans love beans into your brand fans

in social media, there is such a wave of fans sister, their new album will buy William Chan, Yang Yang set up mobile phone screensavers,

and then when Zhang Yixing WeChat head, and then go to Ning Zetao, micro-blog’s comments under the husband Hello handsome,

last night dreaming about Wang Kai……


in short, this group of fans often change her husband, you can set off another round of hot spots in social media.

fans, fans in the end how crazy?

as long as the fans in the eyes of the lock of a love bean, then the love of the heat is even hotter than the magma


took Zhang Jike, the exposure during the Olympic Games in 10 days, he rose more than 5 million powder, ah,


he micro-blog comments and forwarding, the basic can break the million.


is worth mentioning is that his micro-blog comments are very brisk, many sisters heart

!For example,

Zhang Jike sun a supermodel photo, his micro-blog comments became many sisters directed the brain hole Theater:


Zhang Jike sun about his poem, many sisters took "fan filter", fancy praised him:


Zhang Jike, even if it is an advertisement to introduce a mobile phone products, fans are also willing to embrace the younger sister


imagine if these 5 million loyal fans, 100 meters thick filter fans, can be guided to your operation of micro-blog, WeChat, then the effect will be like


– to buy 1 million zombie powder is not as good as the fans of the 100 fans have spread it!

so, your public number, micro-blog in the end how to do, in order to get the attention of fans who do?

with many sister Zhang Jike as an example, the correct posture Mei flowers to popularize under Liao powder and posture error


× wrong posture: powder

, for example, a variety show has released a warm-up poster, deliberately released the silhouette of Zhang Jike and Malone, so fans guess who is the next season of the show……


see your love beans silhouette, fans of course will be very excited, this news circle fried rice rush about telling the news around spreading, opened the pot.

but there are fans who point out that it is possible that the recording time of the program will be in conflict with their playing time

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