f enterprises want to hold the lifeblood of marketing from four aspects

with the infiltration of the network, we are also aware of the concept of marketing to a new height, which is not only the consensus of grassroots groups, the larger the number of connected enterprises is also true. In the face of increasingly large online consumer market, many enterprises to seek to expand business on the natural to think of the network, and online marketing along its just becomes the hands of the meat and potatoes. But for the enterprise, how to do marketing became a problem, which is not only the increase of a department, recruit a few more hands so simple, need a marketing system for support, if not use and good supervision, is likely to end up spending large amounts of money but no effect. So for businesses, how can we hold the lifeblood of marketing it?

choose the best channel. Nowadays, many categories of marketing products, it seems that many products are likely to become their own promotional supplement, but really difficult to implement it. In this case, as the enterprise can not blindly pursue hot spots, the marketing function of a single. Just like the HR Department Recruitment, not afraid to give high salary, but asymmetric skills. Channels can not be directly delivered to the target user is bound to cause waste of resources. WeChat is now a popular tool, WeChat marketing is also a topic we often talk about, but WeChat marketing is not all companies to promote positive energy. Imagine a hot WeChat marketing in? Obviously in communication between friends, the daily demand relationship under the group obviously more rooted in the masses, obtained from ordinary people, mining from daily consumption, if this time in your circle of friends or their large number of blind push message machine just think, who would really care about. Therefore, for enterprises, marketing tools and who is not who will use the heat, but high water efficiency. If the traditional community forum or Post Bar cohesion is higher, so the enterprise should abandon the hands of others xiangbobo turned to their universal key. Enterprise resources are abundant, but in today’s competitive environment is changing today, how to find the most efficient promotion environment is what we should pay attention to. This is for the enterprise, it is very important.

armed with new Internet marketing ideas. In the hearts of many companies, marketing is just a good description of the product sales, as long as it is able to sell things, the flow is a good means of promotion. It is this kind of paranoid psychology that led to the manufacturers can not get more benefits in the modern marketing system. Although it is now an era of the Internet, but the traditional business ideas to change the soup or not limited to their own development. In fact, in order to find a suitable way for traditional enterprises to develop their own, referring to GREE’s marketing system can be. In the new era of development, GREE not only advocate the power of science and technology, is the network factors to implement the development of enterprises, science and technology, network and innovation six word concept of operations, through the Internet product core advantage out of the promotion, product line is everywhere with line, GREE and micro-blog also often engage in marketing will, technology elements into a product, although these methods are not the first, but.

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