Not about the door model beauty won the 15 million yuan Pre A financing

technology is the slogan liberation you’ve heard many times, after the recent capital market freeze, Manicure, hair, eyelashes fall into O2O. However, Guangzhou is located in the "beauty" is not taboo to talk about today was a miserable home mode, led to 36 krypton exclusively revealed them before a just won 15 million yuan Pre-A financing, including capital fund and platinum Tao qingsong. In addition, the project completed 3 million yuan Morningside Angel round of financing at the end of last year.

APP or WeChat home beauty through the public number, the user can choose facial care or right from the SPA project, then the system will automatically match the one nearest the beautician to provide on-site service. These beauticians are "beauty" full-time employees, income is divided into two parts: basic salary + commission, average in 8K/ months. As with most beauty O2O project, before the formal appointment, beautician through 21 days of internal training and assessment. At present, the scope of service is mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the future plans to Shanghai, Beijing and other cities massive expansion.

said O2O is the supply of king, but I personally feel that the C side is actually more important." The founder of Lu Bo told me that when they platform is the fastest rising single family home, a beaver and a number of competitors in the crazy subsidies to the user when the user tried a lap down, most will stay here with us." He believes that the user is willing to re purchase "beauty" service, mainly due to two points: first, the platform beauticians are full-time employees, only B2C self in order to ensure the quality of service; second, "beauty" is not a platform type horizontal expansion, concentrate on the beauty of a thing to do, in product and technique details of a lot of effort.


Lu Bo said, "beauty" is the location of the professional beauty salons blank area, rather than subvert the line. That is to say, they aim at is that there is a demand for professional skin care at the same time, the incremental market and the pursuit of cost-effective, efficiency and reliability, rather than on social, leisure and respect are the sense of beauty salons heavy users demand. As I mentioned in the interview question door mode, he looks very calm, "we always believe that the door is just a form, rather than focusing on the business model, as well as a good deep user needs with their ability to create value. We did not care about the door, not shy to do in the future Studio and products under the same brand."

in the future, in addition to providing door-to-door service, Lu Bo also wants to set up a small Studio in residential buildings, about two of which let the beautician to meet user point, to store needs, and a concentrated radiation area of the service demand. Therefore, the door to the team is more like a relatively low cost, and lighter and faster pre market detection methods, so that they can accurately aim at >

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