7 key steps of marketing with social media

now more and more attention to social media marketing. What is social media marketing? Summary: it is based on people participation can greatly and online interactive media to the general public relations and marketing, social media marketing tools including micro-blog, WeChat, SNS, blog, video etc.. At present more and more enterprises into the social media marketing. But there are still many companies believe that the establishment of accounts on the social media platform, publish content, interact with the fans, in order to increase the flow of fans or even if it is a good use of social media.

and social media operations required by the real time, energy, money and other resources, not less than the traditional media, but the value and the transformation is much better than traditional media. The marketing demands of enterprises, such as full of their own performance in the network on the network? How people say? What consumers say? What about your customers? What your competitors do? Only familiar with these can have its own brand creative media better positioning and performance in society finally, planning and execution, in-depth consumer groups.

so how to do a good job of social media marketing the following social media to the point of view of the actual people to step by step analysis:

first: understand the industry’s business needs (brand, product and consumer). Social media marketing is just a tool to complete the market or public relations, marketing is the premise of any need to know yourself, know what you are? What do you need? This includes positioning, our product tonality, our consumers where? How consumer preferences and preferences and how the current competitors? Network status? Only on these sufficient understanding, then decided to use social media and what kind of social media to formulate the overall framework of strategic and tactical. Of course, it is necessary to understand the current situation of the enterprise and how much manpower, material resources and financial resources.

second: understanding the advantages of social media platforms. In the understanding of their own products and positioning, to find a suitable social media platform we need, this requires us to the social media platform to understand and very skilled, including the use of the data for each platform, population characteristics, habits and adequate understanding. Social media mainstream platforms are: micro-blog, WeChat, SNS, watercress, podcasts, videos, unfamiliar street, etc.. The use of the main modes are: soft Wen, essays, message boards, photo sharing, podcasts, comments, forwarding, voting, etc..

third: social media strategy. Social media operation is a systematic project and strategy, with the requirements of the brand positioning, orientation, core concepts, in order to achieve a true social marketing. This is also the most important part of the success or failure of the effect of social media, it is to ensure the final effect of the foundation. For example, in the process of specifying a strategy, we must first define the purpose of the stage, for example, in order to promote the sale of or +

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