How to manage the nternet Era


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Li East

is engaged in the management work so long, I really feel a smattering of management work is more practical, more feel their ignorance, thinking more feel more shallow. First, don’t ask me what is the empty talk, management, the concept of indoctrination is dogmatism practitioners significance, because the reality is that we face, we want to solve the problem is


OK, let’s get back to the reality! What are we going to see everywhere?

You might say

is a set of rules is to develop the management, raise a group of people to perform them, check them, then an excellent prize, bad penalty is


you might also say that management is the control, specification, construction of the system, the process, the establishment of the system?

I can not say no, because the boss is so many requirements, many managers also do the same, even often boast their own management system, regular and modernization! But many large enterprises we also standardized management for having heard it many times, such as Kodak, Motorola, NOKIA and so on, but their fate how to


so, if the management work on the management of this is not wrong, but if from the perspective of enterprise development and business management, the conclusion is biased, that even if most is the management of the derivatives, starting point of management and the original meaning is not the case.

control and specification, the same is controlled and regulated, why some enterprises can play a very good management effect, some enterprises are not? Is it control and regulate the wrong? No! Just control the precondition and specification is changed, it is easy to ignore.

also means that we must be aware that management at times of great change in talking about management, management must be aware of why? We apply the word, management must be the era of management, with the Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty sword cut officer must not, management should keep pace with the times, keep pace with the times. Management must return to its original intention and original meaning.

what exactly happened to this era,


I think the biggest change is to change the speed of their own, the enterprise must adapt to shorten the cycle, that is, to adapt to the cycle of change fast. Don’t look down upon this, it is very important, it will have a great impact on the inherent behavior habits. In the era of upheaval, you slowly means that you can never keep up with, means to eliminate, so you either fast, or you run to the front of the trend, the mouth of the storm waiting for others, otherwise there is no chance.

is the second change in the overall operation of the Internet itself. You may not be thinking of the Internet, and even hate big data, cloud computing and other grand concepts. But in what age you have to be clear, the network is affecting our behavior and way of life, and affect our thinking mode. How much of this change will affect me, I don’t know

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