The 10 step to write the top product copy

when you become a distributor, you will find that the more you share, is for the more, can be obtained, that you still have value, that when there is no one to ask to you, you are already a wreck, at least I feel that in order to prove that I am not a a wreck, so write this article, night accidentally see thinkmap first person: Zhang Bing wrote a few days ago the "Zhang Bing map: how to write text to"

Soybean Milk machine

I had opened the WeChat public, most things, and carefully analyzes the things of a process

write product copy


ten steps is this mind map

1 product history

know a person, to understand his past, understand a product, also need to understand the history of it, you need to create you really understand the product appearance, even smatter, right? You do not understand this product, others will find you buy


2 now our product

when we pretend to know this product, we have to say I don’t understand this light products, I also focus on the product, or you who still agent the product, very focused, and also make something a little bit different. Otherwise, people will think you or the company is stupid, the product does not have any thing is not the same, but also to sell the meaning.

3 similar products

here we compared to what? The product description again in others describe their own products again, simply to let everyone see the difference, buy here people less and less, so they do not have too much to belittle others products.

4 Analysis of user pain points

analysis of user pain points is more than that is refined analysis, because it belongs to a fast, light era, traditional writing a long and minute statement few people will start to see the tail, at least I don’t, right? So analysis when the pain points must be refined, it is "small" this four


pain point analysis to allow customers to feel empathy, if you were in the back of the copy failed to convince customers, that I can not save you, let the Lord help you!

5 how to solve pain points

can not let customers feel the pain, also let him know what method can let him pain, fall in love, you won’t always hurt you the other half! In the same way, to analyze how to solve the pain point, let the customer feel a little better.

6 pain points after solving the beautiful imagination

makes the customer comfortable, and we have to let him know what his life will be like after his comfort, what his career will be, and what benefits it will bring to him

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