Exclusive analysis why the 360 Baidu Jinshan in a plug in to grab votes

close to the Spring Festival, the new year has become a large number of migrant workers outside the rigid demand, and take the train home has become the first choice for many people transport. The major Internet giants have launched 360 tickets plug-in, launched 360 tickets Wang, Baidu launched Baidu guards grab votes edition, Kingsoft cheetah browser also launched version grab votes at the same time, the end of the UC mobile browser manufacturers have launched grab votes plug-in related, a time to grab votes wars triggered at any moment.


plugin to grab votes in the major Internet giants to the occasion, many people think of such a problem: the plugin to help the user to grab votes to grab votes to go home, they do not charge any fee and commission, 10 Fen did not earn a


and we found some tickets plug-in spend hundreds of millions of dollars of funds to advertise in major portal and outdoor media platform, the study of Lei Feng helpful enough money to practice what


let’s take a look at a set of data:

said Chinese railway company before, from the beginning of December 23rd last year to January 12, 2014 24 spring festival ticket sale, offering a total of train ticket 154 million 620 thousand, the average daily sold 7 million 363 thousand tickets, and we know that the spring time is 40 days, that is to say during the spring of 300 million train tickets sold. Previously, Chinese railway company said 12306 network ticket occupy more than 50% tickets during the Spring Festival to share, this calculation has more than 150 million train tickets sold through 12306 websites.

see, there are 150 million tickets during the Spring Festival, behind the 1.5 tickets is 150 million times the migration, with a large market is any giants do not want to miss, although these people will not bring direct benefits to them. The truth below to give you the king to expose the Internet giants who are keen to help users grab tickets for free home.

train ticket is beyond the rigid demand

eat during the Spring Festival

I’ll give you a big choice, you choose: a movie, see through the cool dog music to download a song by taobao.com, buy a piece of clothing, the high moral map by a subway navigation, the Jinshan cheetah browser to grab a ticket home by youku.com, you need to reach for these products, which one do you think is the biggest value? The answer is self-evident, if there is a plugin to help us get a ticket home, I think this value than download 100 music, reading 100 news to add up to. Whenever the rush tickets plug-in help users to grab a train ticket, this website will get to a loyal user, the user will use the other products provided by the company.

Word of mouth effect of

loyal users

a small train ticket, carrying the people "home new year," the dream, but also carrying countless families "Spring Festival reunion dream,"

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