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search technique

keyword selection plays a decisive role in the search, the search engine is the most basic and most effective.

example: find a "mirror" in a book in the words of Shu Shi original acid.

analysis: if in accordance with the general ideas, find specific passages in a novel, you need to use search engines to find this book, then turn to the end. It can be done, but the efficiency is low. If you want to understand the composition of the target information, with some of the unique characteristics of the target information, you can quickly find the information needed. In other words, efficient search keywords are not necessarily the subject of target information. In the above example, the bartender comes and all shades of relationship of wine, literary jargons flying. Therefore, you can use specific words to find the target information.

search: "wine of nobility", OK, the first paragraph to find the information that the flowers in the mirror: "Sir: This wine vinegar to the listener on the wine, cheap price, the price of your vinegar. How cheap? What is the most expensive? Really divided, in its taste. This wine pale, so cheap; vinegar taste thick, so expensive. "

"More than

keyword selection skills can be called "specific lexical".

example two: "virgin" in the word "Huanghua" is what meaning.

analysis: "virgin" is a contract saying, if only "virgin yellow" as keywords, the search results will not multitude what value, therefore, have to add more keywords, constrained search results. Choose what keywords? Alternative "meaning" and "meaning", "origin", "origin" and "story" and "origin", "origin", can guess is that similar data should be included in the introduction of some folk words, such as "origin", so the "origin", the "origin" vocabulary of higher probability.

search: "virgin yellow origin", "yellow" to check the original source in "Taiping Yulan", and the princess of Shouyang. If you want to get the first hand data, it can use the "taipingyulan Shouyang Princess" do the search.

keyword selection techniques can be called "synonym method".

three: how much is the bust of Comrade Andy Lau.

analysis: first of all, this is a MM I want to do the search, I regard it as a search case, no other meaning. The search is very direct, "bust of Andy Lau", but in fact, such search results are some, such as "Andy Lau teased Karen Mok about his chest is too small, the gossip, the required data can not quickly get. You can think of is that the information needed to be included in Andy Lau’s comprehensive introductory text, in addition to the chest, should also include his height, weight, birthday and a series of related information. OK, so that you can add further

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