Soft advertising hard not afraid of hard advertising enough soft boast

through 2015 to

in September 1st

"new advertising law" that day

good to violation of advertising law

overnight brush burst circle of friends

September 1, 2016

Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising

seventh and let the net red coffee collective frightened

Internet advertising should be identifiable

marked "advertising"

enables consumers to identify it is an advertisement of


soft advertising hard

seems to let KOL overnight into the refractory period

but the truth may be reconciled to a friend’s advertising law like

to 0 after September 1, 2016

Ma Zhao run, dance jump

KOL is still the same side of the code word count



soft advertising hard has been

just join the Internet ad

if you have read the newspaper the bad habits of

should have an impression of

newspaper can be seen in the hard wide advertising


soft, full page layout

in the newspaper will be marked with the words "advertising"

absolutely marked

these did not affect the soft market


advertising law has provisions ah!

so the Internet advertising marked advertising

is not particularly concerned about the Internet industry and Commerce

just comply with the requirements of the advertising law

interim measures, but with the times

Internet advertising into the jurisdiction of

said you can only get excited over a little thing Things seldom seen are strange.

Internet advertising sclerosis

did not imagine the freaky terrible

You can print on

soft advertising is not enduring




soft advertising harden specification

is the greatest respect for consumers

no one likes to read advertisements

sometimes even advertisers are no exception

this is the biggest sadness for advertisers

reasons are as follows

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