How to carry out network marketing

      network marketing is focused on the promotion of the site, the purpose of promoting the website is what? Of course, it is for the company’s brand image, or increase sales, or in order to allow more people to understand. From the marketing point of view, the site is not just a business facade, but an important marketing tool. Therefore, the content of network marketing related websites, has repeatedly stressed that the website should have convenient navigation function, help system and perfect as soon as possible to download speed, simple and friendly user interface, and search engine friendly META tag design and so on. However, with these conditions does not mean that a site has a marketing function.

      marketing function website refers to the marketing oriented design of the site is not necessarily confined in selling products online website, of course, have the function of online sales site should be more marketing oriented, for commercial sites should make full use of the function of website marketing. However, in fact, many sites do not do this, from the point of view of marketing needs, even if some of the e-commerce sites have been carried out in many ways is not ideal. Sometimes I feel very strange, some well-known sites, every day tens of thousands of people have even more visitors, the website not to fully exploit these "come to customers", but growing their own sales team, a large number of sales staff in carrying out the low efficiency of the "one to one marketing activities. Perhaps the reason is multifaceted, but at least it can be sure that the site’s marketing function has not been fully recognized and utilized.

      so, a marketing oriented website should have what basic conditions? Can also be summed up as a "excellent website of the eight basic elements", as a result of some of the common indicators? Due to different product features of enterprises of different demands, there are differences in the way, it may be difficult to set out many common places, however, demand from the behavior of the user’s point of view, there are still some rules to follow, the simple analysis of three aspects.
when launched heart products, or have a significant value of news events, don’t forget to introduce in the home. This is not difficult, the key is to be appropriate, in the right place, in the right way to convey the information you want to convey to the appropriate user.

      key recommendation in the web page can often get better results, because more than half of the visitors are through the home page to other pages, even directly browse other pages of visitors, most of them will try to find the web page, so the possibility on the website information is see usually in other pages should be large, although some topics users a higher degree of localization.

      we can see the "focus" on a number of sites, but

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