30 seconds who is the most expensive TV advertising

as the advertising industry’s annual "big event", in 2017, the United States in the super bowl, the Chinese Spring Festival is coming to the end of the year in February.

last year, as the music hit 71 million 990 thousand yuan to buy the Spring Festival evening prime time advertising in, the Spring Festival Gala in 2017 replaced the king of millet.

last month ended the CCTV gold resources in 2017 at the tender advertisement, Alipay, millet, Mengniu, Nongfushangquan brand won the Spring Festival Gala advertising, which 44 million 570 thousand yuan in the highest price of millet.

Spring Festival Gala advertising such a scarce resource, originally as art auction, and Internet Co in recent years because of the "invasion", the price of a sudden stir to higher – 2015 photograph of the Lunar New Year Gala Yili package also spent 19 million 110 thousand yuan.


2016 Spring Festival evening music as advertising

71 million 990 thousand and 30 seconds, equivalent to the face of Jia Yueting every second, the music as it burned the money of 2 million 400 thousand investors.

, by contrast, the Super Bowl advertising fees on a lot of stability, but also as expensive. But it is still the world’s most expensive television advertising record holder.

super bowl is annual American Football League Championship in 2017, the match between the 30 seconds advertising price, $5 million 500 thousand (about RMB 38 million 230 thousand), than last year rose 500 thousand dollars.

at the beginning of this year the fiftieth super bowl after the start, we reported that the American football has why such influence can be rewritten in American advertising — rely on television, the game has millions of viewers in the United States, according to the "Forbes" reported that about 50% of the audience is directed to the super advertising bowl.

in order to be able to debut on the NFL, Nike to pay $220 million per year, which accounts for almost its annual marketing costs of 1/15. And the Spring Festival Gala, can not put a lot of money in the Super Bowl 30 seconds of advertising, the brand becomes a symbol of financial and status.


Super Bowl advertising expenses have been able to maintain such a steady growth, and the football game over the years and the television media can not break the run. 60 minutes is cut into 4 sections, each section there are 2 minutes of stoppage time, this design allows the football game is highly fragmented, also let a lot of advertising with the audience is richly endowed by nature, free switch between exciting and funny entertainment. Both like Budweiser buy love 60 seconds, tell a complete story of the brand, also make you happy a joke like candy, like Coca-Cola advertising.

because of its rather high ratings, it is necessary to

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