All marketing is marketing bullshit play is human nature

the development of the Internet so that everyone can see the opportunity to realize their value through the Internet, it seems easy to become rich handsome, Bai Fumei. Then a group of friends to join to sell products on the Internet, the network marketing will follow.

has always been a friend asked Guardian Kun Kun network marketing tips, how to quickly make their own marketing on the internet. Of course, for this problem, my answer is lianhaoneigong. Then is marketing. Please remember: what is marketing skills, either time or money?. The rest is to mobilize resources and then execute.

Lianhaoneigong is what? One of your products and services, one is their ability to discern humanity.

for any product, you face the user base is what, what is your product selling point, your products are sold through what channels, engage in activities, do a good job of promotion.

products and services are good, is to practice their skills, so you have to study human nature? Any time you buy something, can certainly solve his pain, can solve his problem.

we know that for most marketers, is the use of common human weakness: pride, greed, lust, peep, vanity, lazy. These weaknesses are painful for everyone, and we have to do is to enlarge the pain of the infinite. Some people say that this is not cheating? Guardian Yuan Kun think this is not cheating, because we really solve the problem.

friend asked, so a potential customer here, our marketing step is what? Actually step really is very simple: first, to attract attention and interest (let potential customers know about us); two, establish trust (let potential customers; we agree) three, (the infinite desire stimulation four, to enlarge the pain); turnover (pain).

understand the entire marketing transaction steps, then in the end how to do it? After all, the Internet is becoming more and more serious problem of trust. For this, guardian Yuan Kun believes that the establishment of network brand is essential. How to build a network of brands, to build their credibility, that is, we say that from the media believe that everyone can say the answer.

see the above content, we feel that marketing is not very simple, but when we do it is not good, this time how to do? Listen to master lectures everywhere, everywhere to learn. Finally found that the contents of these.

marketing is all bullshit, marketing play is human nature. What can be done is to mobilize their resources, the implementation of strict. We are to solve each other’s pain, any time we have to remember: all transactions are love.

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