Cosmetics Taobao shop marketing analysis after the hearts of those who have the world


the last few days I have been helping a friend brush Taobao shop, the store is selling women’s cosmetics, Taobao online cosmetics shop too much, and women’s female cosmetics as part of the very popular products, as far as I know most of the shopkeepers do not know how to do promotion and marketing. Taobao train too burn, sometimes bad effect drops, if you store the conversion rate is very low, there is a Taobao train. There are also a lot of Taobao SEO training team or individual, but the real effect, how to operate, the author is not very clear. For most part-time or full-time manager, in fact, resources and funds are very limited. I have only one person to manage my own shop, now in addition to management, I have to take the time to do promotion. Time and energy are not, but do not do promotion and no flow, so this part of the marketing manager how to do? I think the precision for the best.

first: target 90 percent of those women

why 90 women groups as a potential customer base to see some cosmetics online shopping on the news is clear, after 90 women’s demand for luxury cosmetics and other groups in the gradual increase. Therefore I said 90 heart who in the world is not fooled, actually a lot of cosmetics is also belong to 80, 90, since they belong to this group, you can start from the ego, think about what kind of cosmetics is 90 more love, according to some understanding that pen BB cream sold well, BB cream there are many types of. So after 90 women’s consumption level and consumption psychology is what kind of search in Taobao found that the price of BB cream is generally less than 100 yuan, the price of the average person can withstand. 90 girls love cosmetics what type? YANGSANG, Taobao, Han Xi this is the water several brands of BB cream is the best selling, most 90 Starchaser habits, product spokesperson is not their own love star, it will affect their choices.

second: learn how to use QQ resources to do marketing

Network marketing methods too much

and Taobao SEO training course, these things may make you confused, in the face of their actual situation: no resources, no money, and even the time and energy are limited. I’m just personal manager, or perhaps to do part-time shop, what kind of marketing way for me? I think the use of QQ resources are more suitable for marketing, first, the use of QQ marketing does not need to invest much money in second, QQ is almost 80, 90 each have east west, many people have every day to see QQ the habit of space. First register a few QQ numbers, and then add friends, you can use the QQ group and QQ space, or simply sell their products directly. However, before doing marketing and promotion, we have to do a good job with those potential customers, you can build a game class QQ group, you can build some of the Q> related products

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