How to edit a pleasing new media publishing

to give a simple example:

if you go to the Taobao store to buy things, looking for a few have the same goods shop, the price is the same, also support 7 days no reason to return, the factors that ultimately decide whether you buy what is


must be the baby details page, who’s baby details page so that customers have a strong desire to buy, then the goods tend to sell better than the same price.

website, writing blog, do have a short video media creation, is the same reason, the content is very important, but also cannot ignore the layout.

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes horse saddle, with a methodical, beautiful layout, it will be more comfortable. Old wheat blog has been four months, and accumulated a little experience, and share.


the new media publishing, WeChat public, for example, similar to other platforms.

1, leave blank processing

write in, remember to leave a blank, is to learn to segment, generally speaking, two or three words can be used as a natural, if not segment write down a row of characters densely piled together, trypophobia will produce, is to influence the readers’ browsing experience.

2, the use of pictures

a more than 1 thousand word article without a picture, look will be very empty, very much like, the best treatment is illustrated, every 4, 5 paragraphs with a picture, pictures and the content of the article should have relevance slightly, sometimes an interesting picture often can let the icing on the cake.

3, text processing

text, including the bold text, or mark it with no color, the significance lies in the prompt effect on readers, suggesting that bold change color is the focus of the content, need to look at.

4, the article guide

for example, this article you write today, there are about a few months before the content of knowledge, you can go to the implied readers to click the browse with the form of a hyperlink, and the website in the form of the chain, can increase the viscosity and PV.

5, the third party platform auxiliary

in the edit WeChat number of public articles, can go to the free personal website on the third party material acquisition, go to the Baidu WeChat public layout tools, there will be a lot of such sites, these sites often use material, editing out the article is very beautiful and beautiful.

new media layout, it is the individual force to live, requiring the creator who has enough patience and aesthetic, after the completion, may also need to be repeated to modify, modify, and then modify, and finally sent out. If I love myself

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