Public comment and small time to play with the user

[review] public comment and "time 3" play, try micro-blog red, pay for public comment; new young users get small time nearly half of 3; marketing is to find power pack into their own heat; find social marketing play, but the end consumer marketing doesn’t make a representative action; stimulate the user more UGC (user generated content).


in the July 17th "time 3" release date, in addition to # I invite you to see a small time 3# micro-blog became the hot topic in the list of # I invite you to see a small time # this sub topic also topped the charts in 12.

this is actually a topic of public comment in the operation.

makes this topic is the enterprise red in micro-blog, before more is the red envelopes in WeChat (in fact there is a coupon, but the public comment) this time micro-blog red, the current micro-blog hot topics, social marketing, enterprise business platform, the film star, etc. together, carried out a large cross-border.

micro-blog red envelopes detonated

the cross-border integration case is not complicated, but requires a little creativity.

is responsible for public comment on red, Guo Jingming studio responsible for working with small time crew communication micro-blog, they chose the "time 3" inside the 9 important role, Guo Jingming, Gu source / Ke Zhendong, Ren Yankai, Gu Nan Xiang / Bea Hayden / Jin Rong, Gong Ming, Kitty/ Kan, Gu Li / Amber Kuo Neil/, Li Xianzai, Zhou Chongguang / Chen Xuedong, each issued red envelopes for the fans exclusive star fans, please go to the cinema to see "age 3", there are 5 red envelopes of cash to 100 yuan.

fans began to apply from No. 14, the 17 film release date can open the red envelope, the red will randomly appear to be the highest of $100 in cash, can be directly purchased in the public comment on the small time 3 movie tickets. Fans who bought the movie tickets through red envelopes also had the opportunity to take the "small time 3" movie fan meeting tickets.

in order to enhance their sense of substitution, according to the characteristics of the role of each design different tone of the red bag poster.

, for example, Ke Zhendong poster, based on a classic scene in the film, the role of Gu source lying naked on the bed covered with rose petals, with a slight smile on the audience on the screen. Coupled with the upcoming demolition of the dual meaning of Justice – open to see the source of the nude can also be open to the public comment on the small era of exclusive red – not only to attract fans to participate in, but also a lot of attention to non fans.

and overbearing president Gong Ming / Jin Rong tone, "after receiving a red envelope, to see the small time immediately, love this fan fan, should also be obedient.

this is just one of the two, nine people, the tone of the nine, are the role of the character’s role, the introduction of fans into a small era of the scene

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