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third part: Fan management

fans I think management is any one of micro-blog’s most important work, this part is also the focus of the story, so separately.

good micro-blog sent out, no fans how others can see. Here are two cases, one is enterprise micro-blog marketing budget, then you can choose the quality content, budget to micro-blog took the Reds forward, fans came naturally. Now micro-blog is in raising number of reds, you see the day they forwarded hundreds of micro-blog and his name or location have no relevance to the content (commonly known as "bullshit"), you must have wondered: why don’t they turn my micro-blog? Actually have money, everything is not a problem.


if the company micro-blog or individuals do not promote the budget, you need to add the attention of others, because in order to let others know that you have such a micro-blog. It is also important to choose what kind of powder, Sina micro-blog currently boasts 260 thousand micro group, so there are tens of thousands of light mutual powder group, take a long time every day micro-blog added 300 interest ceiling, good return powder every day should be more than 100 in number. However, there is a big problem with each other, that is, more than 50% return powder. People back to powder you, but after a few days to cancel your attention, or your micro-blog attention to reach the 2000 limit, canceled a number of concerns, you are concerned about the cancellation of fans will cancel your attention. After a long period of observation and numerous experiments, I found a way to solve the problem of high rate of powder removal. As long as the combination of the positioning of micro-blog, and find a position consistent with the micro group, then one by one to the people inside powder. In this way, the fans / fans you choose have something in common with your micro-blog, they will be interested in your micro-blog content or topic, thus reducing the rate of return. Can fly 300 people every day, through the micro fans group increased in about seven or eight people, a week can be accumulated 500 fans above.


fans after the full attention, the fans will play a big role in the analysis tool. The first is concerned, it can query "query" who canceled my attention "," recommend potential mutual powder object "and" query two friends of common friends "," active and inactive friend micro-blog search "(customizable active days)……. Through this application, you can clearly see how many fans every day to cancel your attention, but also to see whether you are friends with each other. If you cancel the mutual powder friends attention, since he to you heartless, you don’t have to his righteousness, at this time can be cancelled to his attention to.

if every day fly above others, it may not work. When a micro-blog reached 2000 after, unable to increase attention, one by one to cancel the 2000 attention, it will spend a lot of time and energy to screening. Then you need to use "green lopez".


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