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students often choose to use QQ group, some message board or forum to their website promotion, but if the group is the explicit inside publicity will cause resentment of others, or will you put forward this group, and can not achieve the effect.

that this is not done advertising? Of course not, advertisement or can be issued, see you how to send, in addition to the group of soft Wen (Valley excellent research institute to remind you that the next class to explain) propaganda, can also carry out publicity through funny pictures.


is the soft propaganda that must be soft in the valley excellent research institute to remind you of the first pictures of you not repugnant, those nausea vulgar picture or save it, can’t find funny pictures to some funny pictures inside to find some pictures, find the pictures popular funny, modified by PS fireworks and other image processing tools. Prepare some more, and then organize into the library, has been spared.

the rest of the things is to choose different types of theme on the different types of funny pictures advertising, if it is put in the group of class I as shown above, more explicit pictures directly, the other is put a few gentle pictures, but even blatant propaganda, a good picture with the chat the atmosphere will reduce the degree of resentment, and will get traffic.

Valley excellent research institute highlights:

1, the picture should have a laugh, to avoid the vulgar antipathy pictures, of course, can also choose some beautiful pictures.

2, to deal with relatively delicate, do not think that the picture is a waste of time.

3, targeted delivery, but also do not abuse.

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